[Mod] Happy Capitalists

This override-only mod makes Capitalists happier than they are in the standard game. They do no longer react against child or disability benefits. They get happy from private pensions, housing, healthcare, schools, and relaxed border controls, and angry from inheritance tax.

Extract the Modcapitalist folder in the Democracy 3 folder, and the Happycapitalists file into Democracy 3\data\mods.

Please provide feedback!
Modcapitalist.rar (2.19 KB)

Currently alpha testing:
Angry Farmers (1 situation)
Hired Guns (1 simulation: Private Security, 1 situation: Corruption)
Dirty Power (2 policies, 1 situation and a few events/dilemmas)
Less Is More (overrides only)

Hi there, are you happy for me to package this up for the main democracy 3 mods page? Also, are you planning on submitting it to steam workshop?

Yes, I would appreciate that.

Excellent, this has been uploaded for everyone here:

I have tried to upload mods to Steam Workshop, without success, though my game is registered.

A mod with a Labor Shortage situation will be released later today. Also trying out a Coal/Nuclear Power mod, and an Electoral Fraud/Corruption/Civil Rights Protests mod.

Most of these will be bundled in a modpack called First World Problems.