[MOD] Homeworld2 Hiigaran mod [WIP early beta]

(This was started in an offshoot thread but now it needs its own thread.)

What is this mod about?
It is ships from the [size=125]Homeworld 2 game[/size], that were made for Sins of a Solar Empire’s “Angels Fall First” mod.

Who made these items?
Homeworld 2 by Sierra, Angels Fall First modding teams, Hw2 R.E.A.R.M. mod team for the badge which is used on the ships and Kalthaniell for the awesome ships, damage texture, destroyed hull textures and turrets he is putting together for this. The coding, and old damage texture and hulks for the ships were done by Lonestar.

How did this race come to the Gratuitous Space Battle world?
That will be explained in the backstory.

When will the backstory be posted?

What will this mod bring to the space lanes?
This mod will bring a total of 26 ships plus some new weapons, like Double- and Triple-Beam capital turrets, Flak, pulse and Ion cannon turrets for frigates, and Fighter plasma bomb launchers (bullet-based). The ship types are as follows:

Ten cruiser classes - various Cruisers, Carriers, Battlecruisers, Dreadnoughts, and the Colony ship.

Ten frigate classes - Destroyers, Escort frigates, standard frigates, advanced frigates, and three corvettes.

Six fighter classes - various Bomber, fighter, interceptor and scout fighters.

Cruisers are standard warships, while carriers are dedicated fighter platforms with limited weapons and tons of support slots. You have an Escort Carrier, Heavy Carrier and the huge Shipyard with tons of support and four weapons. And the Colony ship that is the largest, and slowest of the whole mod. For within it are carried billions of your people in cryo-suspension. However, it has few weapons for defense and MUST be escorted.

Destroyers are armored beasts the size of cruisers, sporting heavy frigate class weapons, with quite a few support slots for defense. Escort frigates with eight weapon hard points and fewer support slots. Advanced frigates that are larger frigates that are not quite destroyers due to there size, but can still pack a punch, but not take one in return. And the Corvette frigate class: little larger than a fighter, but still a frigate, but only one gun mount and few support slots, made for the flak cannon for anti-fighter defense.

Bombers will have the plasma bomb launchers, Fighters will have the larger amount of guns and defense, Interceptors are fast with low firepower, and scouts will be the smallest, fastest and only one weapon/support slot.

I also have planed to put immovable Stations into the game as soon as i can get them from the person making the models for me. They are going to be in three classes: fighter support, resupply, and battlestations (aka point control stations).

There will be a few scenarios but I have not got the final count just yet. Prepare to battle HUGE fleets with massive numbers of pilots and credits - this is when we test the uppermost limits of GSB in terms of game performance. There will be battles against the Homeworld ships and also against the other races. If I can work it out to somehow have two races on one side, IE the opening story of the mod, then I will do so. And possibly taking on a few of the super stations once i get them into the game. Yes yes i have plans for this mod.

And now for the ships - all need good Homeworld-ish names:
Colony ship; In-game - Not Finished
Dreadnought; In-game - Finished
Battlecruiser; In-game - Finished
Shipyard; REMOVED
Heavy Carrier; In-game, Finished
Escort Carrier, In-game, Finished
Cruiser II AKA Heavy Cruiser; REMOVED
Cruiser; In-game- Finished
Light Cruiser; In-game, Finished
Destroyer; In-game - Finished
Escort Frigate; REMOVED
Advanced Frigate; In-game, Finished
Hig Frigate; In-game, finished
Missile Frigate; REMOVED
Flak Frigate; REMOVED
Patrol Frigate;[/b] REMOVED
Multi-gun Corvette; REMOVED
Pulse Corvette; In-game, Finished
Flak Corvette; In-game, Finished
Heavy Bomber; In-game, Have all but hulk dds files
Heavy Fighter; In-game, Have all but hulk dds files
Fighter; In-game, have all but hulk dds files
Interceptor, In-game, Have all but hulk dds files

Weapons and modules that i plan to have in this mod:
Cruiser double beam turret, --Finished–
Cruiser Triple beam turret, --Finished–
Cruiser Damage control system, --FINISHED–
Cruiser Carrier bay, In-game, --FINISHED–
Frigate Flak turret, --FINISHED–
Frigate Pulse turret, --Finished–
Frigate Damage control system, --FINISHED
Frigate Ion beam cannon, REMOVED
Fighter plasma bomb, --FINISHED–
NEW! Better Fighter class armor and shielding, REMOVED

Background fight; Not started
Large fleet against homeworld; not started
Colony ship and fleet; Not started
Carrier group fight; Not started
Battlegroup Alpha; Not started
Battlegroup Beta; Not started
Battlegroup Ceta; Not started
Fight against medium Federation fleet; Not started
Fight against large Federation fleet; Started
Fight against medium Alliance fleet; Not started
Fight against large Alliance fleet; Not started
Fight against medium Rebel fleet; Not started
Fight against large Rebel fleet; Not started
Fight against medium Empire fleet; Not started
Fight against large Empire fleet; Not started

Sounds great, where can i get this mod?
From the link below. All ships that you may see in the mod and in pictures within this thread may or may not be the same. You have been warned! Newest update now posted.

I now say we are breaking free of alpha stage and now entering beta. It’s probably going to be in beta for a good long while.

Many, many thanks to supermodder Archduke Astro for his skilled and huge contributions towards balancing the mod: all of its ships, weapons and modules. I know the whole thing needed a lot of help. The original HW2 source is not a real good fit inside of vanilla GSB and it was necessary that some details had to change, but he did a great job of preserving the feel of HW2. I wished more people would take the time and effort to do such an undertaking with their own mods as he did with this one. This mod is all the better for it. Thanks man!


A few pictures that i have got so far for this mod.

NEW Picture!
A fleet of of multi-gun corvettes escorting a Battlecruiser on shakedown is attacked. Two wings of 6 Heavy fighters and 8 fighter bombers are undocked and the corvettes take up a screen against a Rebel attack fleet.

New picture of the ships minus the escort carrier

What do the ships look like.

A escort class frigate that was attacked during its shakedown cruise. It fought bravely but all contact was lost with it. All shakedown cruises will now have more than a single ship now.


Battlecruiser Operational!!!

Destroyer now in game!

New carrier in the newly formed 1st carrier battlegroup, It is 3 squads of fighters a Battlecruiser class cruiser for carrier escort and a new Carrier class cruiser on shakedown cruise.

“Anomaly detected in hyperspace drive, retuning to normal space” intones fleet command. Captain Janeway, sighs and calls for all hands to duty stations. Lights dim as yellowish lights flash some then half turn off as the others stay lite. “Ma’am stable Hyperspace window forming before the “Pride of Karan” the navigator says as more crewmembers shuffle to there stations. The Pride of Karan, A colony class ship many time larger than the mothership used by the Famed Karan S’jet. Whom lead our people back to Hiigara, and defeated the Vaygr and there corrupted leader Makaan. “Ma’am exiting the hyperspace window now.” “Slow us to full stop upon exit and get the repair crew to look at the hyperspace core make sure it is not malfunctioning once more.” Janeway looks over the hologram of the space around her and blinks. " what in Kharak? Report someone tell me who that is!” Strange blue ships begin to move from the shadow of the planet they exited hyperspace next too.


“Ma’am they claim to be “The Galactic Commerce Federation” What the heck is that, And they are demanding a toll for each of our ships. " This is not going to be a good day, Janeway though as she rubbed her temple, " Right dispatch the diplomat!” Janeway moves over to sit down in her command chair. Looking at the oddly shaped ship as the diplomat ship moves though her fleet toward the Federation ships. “return lights to normal before we start to get a headache.” Janeway says getting up and moving over toward navigation, " How long till the fighters and corvettes are undocked?" should be thri. . . Oh my god they blew up the diplomat ship Ma’am! ! "


“BATTLESTATIONS!” Janeway yells out moving to get back to her seat, “Signal the fleet to protect the Pride of Karan at all costs!” Janeway almost wished they would not of dropped into normal space here, but the other ships returned fire easily dropping the shielding that protected her fleet’s ships but oddly the armor held strong. “Ma’am I am detecting more ship on an intercept, these ones have a different signal coding than the ones attacking us.” “Great The hyperspace dropped us right into the middle of a war!” Deploy the fleet to protect from a two sided attack, they may still be hostile."

(more to come, to tired to think may change as needed.)



Why don’t you just edit the first post instead of posting 4-6 times?

Cuz there is a limit for URLs per post, i’m right?

Because I have plans for the other posted that I have there. That way People will not have to go looking for stuff that I post though out the thread.

First post explains a little of the thread the second is for pictures and then remaining is for my background story. Believe me what was done was done on purpose.

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I did the same thing when beginning the thread for my famous Classic Dreadnoughts mod. Just like Lonestar said, there are indeed excellent reasons to do it this way. :wink:

Work on this mod is being held off due to real life once more getting in the way. I have worked on a few experimental kinetic type weapons but i accidentally or forgot where they were and deleted the folder they were in as i can not find them anymore, oh “sad face dot jpeg”

I’ll have to rework the new weapons and await the new ships, as with work on a plasma type weapon for the bombers, and larger ships, and hopefully the new flak weapons will come out soon.

Well I like the look already, so here’s hoping real life will shut up and sit down so you can do the more important stuff! :wink:

I’m finishing the new ships Lonestar. I thought that the hw2 mod can’t be complete without battlecruisers and combat carriers x]. I’ll swarm you with some frigate designs if you will have the time to work on them, too. I did some reaserch on GSB modding, so the stuff I’ll be sending you will be more ‘mod-friendly’ now. I’m doing a complete remake of turrets too. They will be bigger now and made out of 3d models, not 2d ones. If you still want it I’ll convert the shipyard too.

Sry for not doing all that earlier but my organism decided the last week was the ‘let’s-fight-off-the-flu’ time x| Strangely enough, my graphics making skills seem to have improved since. So brace yourself for some serious mindblowing hw2 awesomeness being sent your way some time soon xD

yes! Yes! YES OMFG YES! ! !

It that enough? i think so yes i will accept any and all your work If you want to redo All the ships feel free to and I’ll remake the mod for them After all what was released was in my eyes a proof of concept so IF we can get bigger badder and uncut ships and turrets out there I WANT TOO!

I’m glad you are so enthusiastic. I saw that other modders are making story backgrounds and even movies about thier mods. Maybe Hw2 mod needs sth like that too? What do you think?


I love the ambiguity here xP

Awesome avatar kal ^^

Oh wait you don’t have that badge on you, well drats I have to go and change that.

On another note, i was not on my meds that day and my mind was working in ADHD mode, I’ll get her fixed.

I do have a background story in mind, i just have to get real life under control enough to work it out of my head and onto the pc.

Yup, I just sent some new ships and turrets to Lonestar xD I think they will increase the already high awesomeness of the mod. Here’s a small preview of the new turrets:

Can’t w8 to see some in game screens from Lonestar.

Thx man. It probably is a noob question (beacuse I’m a total anime noob) but what anime is your avatar from?

OMFG!!! AWESOME HOMEWORLD 2 TURRENTS :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

About my avatar, he is “Kakashi” from “Naruto” (older serie) & “Naruto Shippuden” (newer serie), he is the lazy but powerful and intelligent sensei of Naruto, the main character of that serie. ^^
In the pic he is reading his favorite book, a pretty particular one hahaha (only the ones that watch that serie knows why :B)

Kalthaniell, my compliments to you on the creation of a great set of turrets. They’ll blend very well with the Homeworld hulls.