[MOD] Horror

So I want to do another mod, full of nasty and disgusting creatures of my own design. Rather than collages though this one I want to do hand drawn, so I can make them look at ugly as I want. Here’s the first one I made.

Before preceding further, I want to know if anyone wants a mod like this.

Eek! Those things are hideous! I love 'em!

That would be a cool mod to play around with. Definitely a +1 from me!

Argh! Space Critters… they are eating my ship…Aaaaaaahhh…

(yeah, consider a ‘melee’ range weapon that represents teeth/claws/etc)

Nice idea!!!

+1 for melee weapons.
Maybe acid spit for range weapon.
Make them fast and agile.
Perhaps parasite fighters or using the Orders Limp launcher to make parasites.

Theese are weard and strange, i love them