Mod Ideas: Vote of No Confidence, Impeachment


Can you mod game-over events?

To make the public opinion more relevant, some new events should end the game. With low opinion scores for some consecutive quarters, the game would end. Vote of no confidence could occur in a parliamentary system (eg Britain) below 25% approval (when a majority of the majority party would prefer another candidate), and impeachment could occur in a presidential system (eg USA) at very low approval rate (10%).


The happy day hath arrived. I remember playing the earlier games and thinking that it’s unrealistic that no matter how low your opinion rating your party doesn’t throw you out a la Margaret Thatcher.


If your rating falls too low in a presidential system, you should experience a political deadlock; still in power, but with less political capital.


The thing is… With some mods installed, you’d be impeached in the first turns… I always start my games with a popularity so dramatically low that I wonder how on earth I could have been elected in the first place.


This function would need to be shut off during the first few quarters; let’s say two years.

Here is a draft for the dialog boxes. Please correct my English.

Turn 1:
MP:s Address Lack of Confidence: Some of your supporting legislators have joined the opposition in criticism against your leadership. If you cannot improve public approval within two quarters, they will enforce a vote of no confidence.

Turn 2:
Motion of No Confidence Filed: Due to weak approval rating for two quarters in a row, several legislators have filed a motion of no Confidence. You will be forced to resign, if you fail to improve popular opinion during the next quarter.

Turn 3:
Vote of No Confidence Passes: With extremely low approval rating for three consecutive quarters, the Parliament has decided to dismiss you from office. Time to clean out your desk, and go for a long vacation.