[MOD] Independent Defense Force (WIP)

People… Universe of G5-17B will be my greatest artwork I ever done :slight_smile: “Worlds Collide” type Universe :slight_smile:

Here is the teaser of it, 1/4 of real size and less then 10% complete:

Hello WarStalkeR

As a fellow player and modder who’s already written quite a lot of GSB detailed technological summaries, strategic backstory & dramatic pseudo-history (and has even more planned for the future), I have cause for some concern when you imply that you’re going to chart the borders of the Empire.

As you can see here, a large part of the Empire’s story now revolves around the explicit mention that:

  1. The rest of the Great Powers (GSB’s official races) previously thought that the Empire was much smaller than it actually was;

  2. None of the other 8 races knows the true size – or precise limits – of the parts of the galaxy which are already explored by Imperial forces and which are actively claimed and defended by those same forces.

For various reasons of wanting an internally-consistent GSB history that also meshes with the major dramatic tension I’ve created, I’m concerned about later works of other people which might innocently end up tangling up key parts of my own backstories. I am in the middle of creating significant amounts of mod material which build upon events I’ve already mentioned, and which will create new ones to carefully blend with this existing chronology.

I don’t mind the creation of some fictitious overall starmap as an accessory to your mod, or imaginary situations & events inspired by that map which become a part of your interesting new IDF mod. As long as these things don’t directly try to contradict anything major & vital in my own fan-written stories I linked to here, I’m 100% cool with that.

Thanks for sharing your creative vision with our community. :wink:

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For contradictions not to come up,
Lets together create this map.

Well… that’s what Master Yoda will say and I agree with him :slight_smile:

And another part:

Ones, that opened Nexus Gate,
Can see through universe all way.

Practically for civilization, that can open Nexus Gate (that can’t be detected without very advanced technologies, Uni-T found them by luck because of amounts of their swarming forces) between universes, won’t be a problem to scan whole universe and have at least approximate borders of all empires and conflict zones… Yes, this map, is how IDF sees everything in the galaxy…

But anyway, any ideas of approximate borders of original empires will be a great help to avoid contradictions, I’m really relying on your help Archduke Astro with this part of story :slight_smile:

I am very much looking forward to this grand map. It would certainly be nice if it corresponded at least loosely to any pre-written mythos, and at least some effort aught to be made to keep it consistent. But it is also not at all hard to hand wave it all away and say that this is not an ‘official’ map and does not correspond to pre-written histories.

I would suggest that Archduke Astro send a bubble map to Warstalker and let him just build his map within the confines of those bubbles. (A bubble map is simple a sketch of very general borders for each race and their relative positions to each other, appropriately labeled.) Just how many stars to put in each region would be up to Warstalker, though I am sure he would be open to suggestions. I would recommend that any major race have at least some access to the border region of the map (assuming their description does not define them as being surrounded), allowing at least the fiction that the galaxy for them potentially extends beyond that region.

It was hard decision, but it needs to be made:

I have to remodel some ships, they do not fit in well:
IDF X-101 ‘Nesher’ - Make it thinner, large wings move to the middle, in their place add small wings.
IDF X-134 ‘Negev’ - Add paired wings on thrusters from the sides, add frontal wing platforms, maybe remodel main wings… they seems… too jagged…
IDF X-174 ‘Samekh’ - Too bright and full of happiness… Make it darker and scarier…

Pictures ! or it didnt happen - Please
(before and after would be nice)

X-101 ‘Nesher’, X-110 ‘Hesed’, X-134 ‘Negev’ & X-174 ‘Samekh’ have been updated :slight_smile:

Before Update:

After Update:

I liked the older nesher version much more. Though the other updated ships look better now imao. :]

Well… Nesher… Maybe if you only look close up… But from far it looks like dangerous annoying fly :slight_smile:

There is a second work-in-progress teaser of GSB starmap:

It’s already have size of 4096x4096 pixels… And I’ve used only 35 out of 70 universe types… Probably I will have to increase size of it to 8192x8192… For now…
And in the end or left it with this huge size, or resize it back again to 4096x4096…

Looking good! =D

Would I be correct in presuming that each color shading will represent each race’s starting geographical borders?

On a total aside, though very much related to the map, will it be possible for you to ‘force’ the campaign game to use fleets originating from that race when battles are fought in that region?

Wait, wait, wait, it’s just work-in-progress, wait for full release version :slight_smile:

Nope :slight_smile: Soon I will write down everything about this map in story style :slight_smile:

I think it will be possible… But still I didn’t tried it yet…

So, I will begin with explanation of basics about universal structure:

Basic Explanation:
Planet ===> Star System ===> Galaxy ===> Universe ===> Metasigna (Chain of Worlds)

More Advanced:

  • All we know that star system consist from planets.
  • Also we know, that galaxies are star systems, that gathered close one to each other in one places.
  • Universe itself is world, with galaxies, drifting planets, space dust, asteroids, comets, black holes, worm holes and other random chaotic and anomalous things and stellar bodies.
  • Universe isn’t infinite, it’s finite! It’s bubble or other round shape of enclosed dimension(s) in to infinite shell of inter-connections, which makes it look like infinite. For example, if ships enters the one “end” of universe it exists from the opposite side relative to “end’s” coordinates.
  • Metasigna, it’s my own word for the “Chain of Worlds”. Basically all worlds exist and always moving in infinite dimension/space called Abyss, that is very basic zero particles (atoms, molecules, call it what you like) of creation. When Abyss Particles come in contact with something formed, they just turn it to Abyss, or in another words - completely destroy.
  • There is a little chance of naturally established temporary connection tunnel between universes, and it’s called Nexus Tunnel, and points of entrance/exit are called Nexus Gates. But some races have enough advanced technologies to create stable Nexus Tunnel between universes. There is a legends, that some ships can travel through Abyss without Nexus Tunnels and without being damaged or destroyed… Probably some Ancient or Epic ship… If you will meet up with one… Don’t bother, just run and pray this thing won’t go after you… Khm, so a little more technical details about Nexus Tunnels. They are indestructible, but can be closed or collapsed. If Nexus Tunnel is closed in natural or unnatural but stable way, nothing bad will happen. But also Nexus Tunnel can be closed rapidly, in other words - collapsed, and consequences will be dramatic for one of universes, probably for one, that doesn’t have these very advanced technologies. Yes, universe will be collapsed/annihilated/exterminated/destroyed/nullified by Abyss, that enters in it. It can happen in several milliseconds, but also it can take millenias… Sounds familiar, no? Abyss is chaotic and unreasonable thing you know…

Now, little technical info about Metasigna:

Dimensional Factor - relative coordinates of dimensional intersection point to IDF’s universe, relative X/Y/Z, showed in lambda-meters…
Temporal Point - relative temporal speed of target universe, dissipation speed of past/existence speed of present/synchronization speed of future, showed in chronoseconds.
Relative Coordinates - relative coordinates of IDF’s universe movement factor to target universe, Vertical Factor/Horizontal Factor, ranges are 0~360 for each one, showed in vector meters.
Vision Factorial - at which degree, relative to “Relative Coordinates” IDF’s core “sees” the target and vice-versa.
Absolute Timeline - absolute existence timeline of IDF’s universe in currents of Abyss dimension. Must be more than zero for universe to exist. Showed in metachronons.

Later I will write about universe types, and “Worlds Collide” universe type, that means multiple universe types in one universe… Probably…

[size=85]P.S. THAT what happens, when people have nothing to do at work, and have 24/7 access to internet :)[/size]

I really like this way to see the universe(s) and also it is a pretty close aproximation to the real (not Sci-Fi) “Strings Theory” were is explained how we think that are formed the universes, dimensions, etc…

In short, awesome =D =P

Starmap Size will be 7500x4100 pixels :slight_smile:
Probably I will have to resize it to something like 3250x2050 :slight_smile:
Very soon it will be ready :slight_smile:


Complete size: 7500x4000 pixels.
Now all what is left some topographical details, region names, locations, zones, etc. and it will be fully complete :slight_smile:
No, I wont upload PSD file :slight_smile: It’s size is 200mb+ :slight_smile:

Story is continues…

[i]5 days after the Uni-T. IDF Fleet arrives to Nexus Gates at G5-17B…
WIN: Flagship “Vindicator” arrived.
WIN: Fleet arrived too. Transportation took exactly 17 hours.
S.G. Stalker: Aren’t to much to fly through the Nexus Tunnel?
WIN: No, this Nexus Tunnel was really long…
S.G. Stalker: Interesting. Can you scan through this universe?
WIN: Already on it.
S.G. Stalker: How much time it will take?
WIN: More than I expected… And more then you expected… And all of us…
S.G. Stalker: Is, there any problems?
WIN: Yes… No… Well, this universe type… Is… Worlds Collide…
S.G. Stalker: Can you show it?
WIN: Already. Watch it…
S.G. Stalker: Fascinating… Worlds Collide… With over 60 universe types just in one universe…
WIN: Size…
S.G. Stalker: Dimensional Size… What the… ~8,009,559… It means 8,009,559,322,455 LY³!?
WIN: Yep… Approximately…
S.G. Stalker: Worlds Collide… And this size… This universe definitely were created… It isn’t natural.
WIN: That’s what I think too. We’ve never seen Worlds Collide of such great size. It just can’t be naturally formed.
S.G. Stalker: Yes, I remember, Worlds Collide itself is anomaly, very stable, but anomaly.
WIN: And the biggest Worlds Collide we’ve ever seen was 10 universe type with dimensional size only of ~89,000.
S.G. Stalker: How much It will take for you to scan through it?
WIN: About 4 days…
S.G. Stalker: And if use ALL calculation power?
WIN: Disabling Vindicator’s all Offensive and Defensive capabilities? Not worth it… It will reduce scan time for 7 hours.
S.G. Stalker: Yep… Really won’t worth and just very bad idea.
WIN: Voice of sanity?
S.G. Stalker: Don’t know such thing…
WIN: As always…
S.G. Stalker: It’s time to choose our next plan of actions.
S.G. Stalker: WIN, design defense outpost network, we don’t need unnecessary guests in our universe.
WIN: Work already in progress.
S.G. Stalker: Major Mohamed, investigate light electromagnetic field not far from here, gather data on universe’s technology level if possible.
Mjr. Mohamed: Yes sir.
S.G. Stalker: Captain Stanislaw, go with Mjr. Mohamed and cover him. Mohamed will be in command. If something aggressive shows up, shoot it.
Cpt. Stanislaw: Understood.
S.G. Stalker: If something dangerous shows up, don’t hesitate and don’t play heroes, retreat fast. Fly safe friends!
Mjr. Mohamed & Cpt. Stanislaw: Yes sir. Thank you Supreme General.
S.G. Stalker: Admiral Moshe, take people you need and install Defensive Outpost Network around Nexus Gates according to WIN’s design.
Adm. Moshe: Roger that.
S.G. Stalker: Everybody who left without job. Enable LD-Suppressors, IS-Suppressors & MP-Suppressors, we don’t need surprises, stop enemy 200km before it even arrives.
IDF Fleet: Sir, yes sir!
WIN: Lambda Suppressors? Interstellar Suppressors? Multiphase Suppressors? Are you sure that somebody have here LD & MP technologies?
S.G. Stalker: Call it intuition. And I don’t like a feeling of it…

7 hours later. Defense Outpost Network complete at 19%…
WIN: “Niiral” & “Sever” are returning. No visual damage. NIL & VEN confirmed, status GREEN.
S.G. Stalker: Mohamed, did you found something interesting?
Mjr. Mohamed: More than enough.
S.G. Stalker: Tell me.
Mjr. Mohamed: We found a battlefield… Or what left of it… There were two design of ships on it, one were black, the other were blue, probably humanoid design.
S.G. Stalker: So there were fighting two races. First ones Uni-T, second ones some humanoid race. Equipment?
Mjr. Mohamed: That’s most interesting part. From first sight it was old Laser Cannons, Plasma Cannons, Magnetism-based Shields, Titanium Armor, Nuclear Reactors…
WIN: So just low level technology?
Mjr. Mohamed: Wait, thats not everything… Then we found IS-Drives, and just that, there even were Fighter-sized IS-Drives, and they were built-in.
WIN: Having such low technology level, how they could have an Interstellar Drive technology?
Mjr. Mohamed: That’s the question of the week…
S.G. Stalker: Thank you for your hard work Mohamed, you and Stanislaw can go and take a rest. If you think you missed something important, don’t let it bother you, you always can tell it to WIN.
Mjr. Mohamed: Understood. Thank you sir.
S.G. Stalker: Something somewhere went terribly wrong…
WIN: Exactly. This universe holds too much secrets to left them unrevealed…

After 36 hours Defense Outpost Network were completed. And IDF began their new venture in to the unknown universe.
Will they find here new friends and allies, or will they meet only enemies?..[/i]

-Oh my, we have a much lower level of technology?.. hmm… Aileen, open communications channel to all Praetorian frequencies.
-Transmission started sir.
-This is Praetors talking to all Praetorian Industries vessels and stations, if those “IDF” vessels even if they enter inside our distortion field, we do not want to them as enemies. Aileen, end the transmission.
-Transmission ended sir, confirmation of all our fleets recieved.
-Perfect… maybe we can get some advanced techs from an alliance with them…

[size=85](Aileen: Short version of Artificial Intelligence type L-33-N)[/size]

Lambda Suppressors? Interstellar Suppressors? Multiphase Suppressors?
Quite interested, what are those devices? What they do?

EDIT: Awesome history btw, it leave me wanting to know more about IDF, our new and more out-of-standard-worlds-collide universe. =D

Noob question, why worlds collide? i mean, were are planets colliding?? Kidding =P xD, but the first question is real, why worlds collide? My way to see your map is that the fragmented pics are just a representation of that part of the universe, cuz there is no needing of show exactly how looks the entire sector star per star, that would take several lives. Idk if i’m well explained.

If a “worlds collide” universe looks like your (awesome) map, i have to say that i find that idea completely unrealistic, even talking about Sci-Fi. In my personal opinion there is too much space and relatively too much movement in the an expanding and active universe to have a bunch of nebulae, galaxies, star clusters, massive black holes, supernovae, blazars, quasars and all off that that one can see in the universe. I mean, a universe that looks exactly like yours, as example, would not look even similar in some centuries. I mean, we know what happens if you mix two clouds of different coloured smokes, it would look more like a soup of nebulaes and stars…

EDIT2: thinking about it again, a worlds collide universe are two or more universes colliding? that would make sense, but at the same time, i can’t imagine how unstable would be that. Dx