[MOD] "Independents" Mod

EDIT: MAC Independents 3.0 (Mar 11)

Finally had time to put up a Mac version of Independents mod:
File name: MacIndyMod3.zip File size: 33.25 MB

Mac mod has the same elements as Win mod, but oddly it plays differently. Identical fleets beat scenario on Win, lose on the Mac. And Mac game crashes more, probably because I used the “backdrop” feature to create some effects (including the space station). But who knows.

They both have a scenario with a weaponized, destroyable space station and another scenario against a fleet of Reaver ships (no Serenity, as it was a transport). The hardest level has more Reavers.

Not much free time to fix anything. I’d suggest the Win version, as that plays pretty good.

WIN Independents Mod 3.0

New ships, weapons, modules and scenarios. One new scenario battles Reavers, another takes on a space station. Both scenarios utilize the terrain feature.

There’s one occasional glitch: If you see a large white box on the far right of the screen once the battle starts, click ESC and return to the Deploy screen. Click “Fight” again and this usually clears the problem and the graphics will load correctly. Or restart GSB. I think this has to do with the video cache, but thats just a guess.

Windows only (for now):
File name: IndependentsMod3.zip File size: 26.97 MB

Just the PDF ReadMe:
File name: IndependentsMod30_ReadMe.pdf File size: 993.24 KB


First, welcome to the forums ^^

Now a bit of feedback:
As first look, that presentation with the epic “I” leaved me without words =D Awesome presentation ^^ [size=20](you really have to tell me how you have made that epic “I”)[/size]

About the hull designs, they look good, what about a secondary colour to give them a bit more of visual pleasure? Maybe some red [size=85](since the presentation has red as main colour)[/size] stripes here and there.

Now i’m going to test it to give you a more accurate feedback ^^

I’ve fastly tested several features of your mod, and i liked a lot how you have created standard-module-slot-mountable weapons, more than anything when looking at them in battle, nice job with that ^^
Also liked a lot your module icons, even more the detail of your hulls. There is one thing, one of the hulls has only one hardpoint were a multi-hardpoint would look a lot better.
About the tribe howitzer based cannon, it needs a graphical adjustment :wink:
Oh yeah, i really like the damage graphics of your mod, but i think that the hulk graphics improvement is not so needed, they dont look so good… :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice job man ^^

EDIT2: Just noticed how you have used the engine glows, awesome touch =D

Greetings Laws I have some troubles with your mod.

You have edited and used ships that were made for me by Darkstar. He has messaged me asking if you asked permission to use the ships as a base for your mod. Since you have not asked I would like you to remove the following ships Reliant, Cheetah, and Tiger. These are ships that are based off work that was made for myself and then given to me. You have not asked to use them in the manner that you have and I would like them to be removed.

Now If you wish to keep using them please contact me and we can work something out I am not like some company that like to hold on to there stuff. If You asked me beforehand I would have no troubles provided certain terms were meet. But until we work out a deal I would like them removed.

Many thanks,

Sorry. I took down the mod

I must admit that is an extreme reaction Laws

The only issue that was with your mod is that you have used someone elses work without seeking permission or giving credit to them (just as you gave Cliff credit on your rather awesome readme pdf).

In this forum you will find there is a profesional courtesy that if you wish to use someone elses work (even as a starting point), you ask for permission first. Should you recieve permission, you credit their work in a readme & on the forums.

The same profesional courtesy apply for the Independents Mod, if anyone wants to make a combilation mod or build a new ship based off your designs, they will approch you and ask for your permission to proceed. Then it is up to you if you wish to grant it or not. If you do grant permission, you will then see something like this:

Now just in case you missed it, as Lonestar pointed out, you do have a few options avaliable to you:

A) - Seek permission from Lonestar to modify some of his ships and keep the Reliant, Cheetah, and Tiger (then give credit for their origin of design)


B) - Create your own ships and replace the Reliant, Cheetah, and Tiger. You have shown that you are a talented shipwright, i would say that building 3 more hulls would be very easy for you.

Personally i would like to see you build your own ships as you have shown a certian flair for unique designs. (ie Tyrant Cruiser)


Revised, new download in original post

Thank you very much :slight_smile: Also what program you use to adjust that the way you did? Also I LOVE the new cheetah that you did, I might try to do something like that But made from scratch.


Photoshop, but GIMP (open source) would work also. Simple copy & paste, just be careful to match shadows. Ships the easy way.

Yes, scratch 3D would be better of course. Since it’s only top down, vanilla Shade3D would work, it’s easy & cheap.

I use paint.net for a lot of my stuff and by scratch for me means cut and paste from other ships that have been made.

same here! ^^

Usually “scratch” means, well, from nothing. But whatever works for you.

Paint.net is good. Or try Blender or Google SketchUp, both are free. Join TurboSquid.com and grab a free spaceship model like the Naamian Bird and you’re on your way to a fleet.

Well once I get myself a job, and get more than JUST this 974 from Vet disability. (Only thing keeping me afloat theses days.) I will look into maybe getting someone to make models of ships that i would like to make into a mod kinda like Cliff did for the core game. Of go and get and learn how to make my own ships in a 3d modeler program like i have tried in the past (milkshape) But i didn’t know what i was doing and they came out looking like a pile of crap echo voice in space*/echo voice*.

new version up

Nice! downloading =D

EDIT: Thanks for the advertisement man ^^

As fast as i get in my modding station, i will try that awesome new cruiser (?) hull =D
Looks great ^^

An advertisement…

Here is an excellent mod (well over a year in the making), called Praetorian Industries by Praetors. Check it out:

I went to download your mod package and Filesonic said, “No you won’t, either.” Seems they’ve changed their sharing policies or somesuch.

Same here, looks like Filesonic changed their way to work…

Read it and weep, folks:
Filesonic Removes Ability To Share Files

Yep, dead link… sorry. It’s just insane what’s going on now with file sharing.

It occurred to me a mod named “Independents” should have Reavers. I’ll upload a new version as soon as I finish balancing a couple things. (Is there any way to have a nonplayable race?)


Glad to see you again, Laws. I’m happy that your Independents are still being developed. :slight_smile:

Here’s a rather old discussion on that topic from early last summer. I don’t recall that anything concrete ever came out of it, though we did hash out a lot of theory. Perhaps if you ask Kemp very nicely, he may see fit to re-examine the subject. :wink: