[Mod] Industrial Evolution

Here is a mod that overhauls the economy sector, by adding situations that represent specific industrial sectors.

New policy: State Owned Industry. Costly, upsets Capitalists and erodes the wealthy people’s income. Raises Productivity and cuts Unemployment.
New simulation variable: Private Investment. Many policies that used to affect GDP, now affect Private Investment instead. Increases Productivity, as well as the private housing, education and health sectors.
New situations: Process Industry, Automotive Industry, Aerospace Industry, Biotech Industry and High Tech Industry.
Disabled situations: Uncompetitive Economy, Corporate Exodus, Technology Backwater, Technological Advantage, and High Productivity.

Balancing: Science Funding, Space Program and Military Spending have been weakened. Science Funding gives no GDP bonus. Science Funding and Space Program increase Skills Shortage. Military Spending decreases Unemployment less.

Industrial Evolution Redux is an alternative version of this mod, where original situations remain as before.
Modindustrialredux.rar (29.4 KB)
Modindustrial.rar (30.1 KB)

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Why do you disabled all those negative situations? I liked those… Isn’t that going to lead to increase all taxes without any negative effect but upseting a few people? I’ll try your mod first in a couple days.

Why State Owned Industry raises Productivity? I agree it cuts Unemployment by far, but it doesn’t seems as competitive as private sector. Sometimes the “overemployment” is the reason why productivity is somewhat lower than private sector (more people working, same results). Usually, State owns industry that has some kind of monopoly, so it can be free to compete.

The original situations were disabled for simplification. I didn’t want to have too many icons on-screen. The same effects are still there; high corporate tax, poor technology and maternity leave are bad for the GDP.

I have had a hard time balancing the effects of State Owned Industry.

The productivity bonus is justified, since the policy represents government investment. Be aware that the policy costs a lot of money. And though government enterprices are typically unefficient, they take advantage of an economy of scale.

State-owned industry has another drawback; the wealthy people’s income drops, which erodes investment, and in the end, damages GDP.

Thanks for the answer. I still haven’t played the mod, but I will in a couple days.

Actually, the negative situation has other negative effects in addition to those that caused it.

For the icons, I don’t know if it can be done (surely not through a mod), but could be useful to click anywhere on a pallet to open just that pallet (like Tax - click on tax and it “zoom in” on tax for a better look on all icons and intern relationship). It could be awsome to adjust policies. For now, several times I have to start looking for the right icon - and it is so small… but I know it can’t be done through a mod. Maybe on Democracy 4 - or Democracy 3 v. 2.0.

I have added Industrial Evolution Redux, where the original situations still remain.

I have found a crash bug in the redux pack.

In the [dilemma] “Arms export offers” you get a CTD if you chose the option1 “We cannot, with good conscience, contribute to global militarism. Say no to this blood money!” (crash to desktop).

To solve it edit the file “ArmsRace.txt”*, find and replace “AutomotiveIndustry” by “AutoIndustry” and the CTD does not occurs again.

*in “Modindustrialredux\data\simulation\dilemmas\ArmsRace.txt”

Yeah, both of these mods seem to crash the game when taking a turn. If you can fix them, I can look into getting them put onto the list here: positech.co.uk/democracy3/mods.html