[Mod] Inflation / Deflation Simulation 1.0


The modification 'Inflation/Deflation Simulation" for the pc-simulation game
‘Democracy 3’ (Positech Games) represents a new, functional and almost
realistic simulation for an inflation - and deflation process in a state.

By using this modification you will get a powerful tool to have the influence on
specific processes of your state. Also your power potential to guide your state
will be optimized.

Through an implemented simulation ‘Money Supply’ of the mod, it is possible
to make more (government) influence on the ‘economic cycle’ and to take
appropriate measures to optimize the control of the economy in a special

Existing simulation components, for example the ‘Purchasing Power’ or the
‘Investment’, complete the modification and increase the depth of the

The player will be additionally required to avert a high inflation rate or a
deflation and to detect any resulting risks for the state in time to avoid
negative consequences for the economy and for the citizens/people of the

The modification was designed in the language ‘English’.


Simulation components:

  • Inflation/Deflation

  • Money Supply

  • Purchasing Rate

  • Investment


  • Increase Money Supply

  • Reduce Money Supply


  • Severe Inflation

  • Deflation


For more details I have created a manual in the languages ‘English’ and ‘German’ (19 pages), which includes many information about the function of every mod/simulation element.

Manual (english): EN_Manual.zip (656 KB)
Manual (german): DE_Manual.zip (664 KB)


I have created this modification over a month, because the organisation and planning of structures and elements of the mod take a lot of time.

This mod should be a realistic component to the official game and implements a inflation-/deflation simulation for the game.
If you have any questions or suggestions to optimize the mod, feel free to make a comment here. :slight_smile:

I will try to implementate your suggestions as soon as possible, if the suggestion is realistic.

I am looking forward for your comments and I hope you will have lots of fun with my modification.

Mod-Installation Manual:

  • Download the ‘inflation_deflation_mod.zip’
  • Unpack the folder “inflation” into the main directory of ‘Democracy 3’
  • Copy the “inflation.txt” into the 'Democracy 3 mod-folder
    inflation_deflation_mod.zip (35 KB)

Nice Work!

This mod is a great idea. I hope it gets listed.

Good morning Thimorin,
good morning SANC,

thank you for your comments. :slight_smile:

Just like your Stock Market mod I love this one.

Would it be possible for some policies such as Foreign Investor Tax Break or Enterprise Grants to increase Investment? Ability to set base rate would be amazing, adding extra layer and the mod would work sort of like a Central Bank.

I also liked the mod manual, which was concise and informative.

Again amazing work and take care.

The ability of changing money supply is a very good thing, but it should not be a policy (what if you take both increase and reduce ?). Would you consider a slider version instead?

This adds a whole new level of realism, this also makes me of think of the late 1970’s.