[MOD] ingredient generation w/ new cure trees

Playing around w/ mods and jackeea’s “effect Overhaul 2” (ty, btw, this is great).

Wondering how ingredients are chosen when a game generates. My guess is the game will generate one from each “family” (cure tree),
until/unless the total number of ingredients exceed the number of “families”, in which case it starts over, randomly.
e.g. if u had 4 cure trees and 6 ingredients, game will generate one ingredient each of the 4 cure trees and the 2 more ingredients that repeat 2 of the cure trees.

reddit.com/r/Bigpharmagame/ … erhaul_v2/

jackeea wrote:
“Some missions may become impossible - there are 15 cure trees now, and the ones that require you to make a certain pill may not generate the base ingredient required. Haven’t tested this out though - not entirely sure if that could happen.”

That mod has 15 cure trees and 15 total ingredients. In a few test, every game has 1 ingredient from each of the 15 cure trees. (and I get, at least, 1 of each catalyst)
So the missions (scenarios) should still be possible, right?

I don’t think it should be a problem as I’m seeing the same as you from my limited tests but you never know. Either way, I’m sure the players who venture into using/creating mods will be knowledgeable enough to just disable them if it does cause a problem. It would be nice if Tim gave us a few pointers as to how it works.