[MOD] Ingredient 'teleporter' from analyzer

Another silly MOD, but illustrates how to manipulate the “ioTiles” and “size” fields for a machine in the equipment.data file.

In this case an analyzer will ‘teleport’ an ingredient 5 blocks in 1 tick. $0 process cost, linear.
You could make it to ‘teleport’ 10 blocks or whatever you wanted.

I didn’t bother trying to change the graphic to something close to 5 blocks (like a SatchetMaker, which is 4 IIRC),
I left graphic as Analyzer. I colored the 5 tiles on either sides of the actual footprint of the modified ‘analyzer’.
but it will do this:

Teleport5Belt_NoAnalyzer.zip (6.4 KB)

Opened it in free build. It’s technically still like a 7 tile sized machine but I guess we’re that much closer to “underground” belts. :smiley:

Hmm, this should’ve made it a 5 tile sized machine I thought: “size”:{“x”:5,“z”:1},
but maybe not…

Anyway, if by “underground” belts it means something can cross over, I don’t think so… the footprint should still prevent
anything from being placed on the footprint (crossing it) - should get the “invalid placement” (and lovely voice-over).

I do think the other MOD I posted… “4 way angle junction” can be made into a “tunnel/bridge” junction by changing just 2 lines.

I’ll go check it.

Yep, change these 2 lines in equipment.data and get a (no delay) TBelt - bridge, tunnel, whatever you would call it.
(at the Incinerator, just flipping the d:0 and d:1)

Wonder if we could use the TBelt image to make it look “better”… not so sure about the animation files…

Switched to the “c-belt” (crossroads) sprites/animations… not perfect, but I think it looks better than the analyzer images
and clues the user that it is a “tunnel” crossroad.

Two questions:

  1. Can the ‘tunnels’ be placed end-to-end?
  2. Can they still act as machines to help alleviate the t-belt issue?

No, they ARE machines, so the game treats them as usual (Invalid Placement).

You CAN place them next to real crossroads however. You can even do something kind of crazy like this: 2 Bridges
and 2 Crossroads. arrows added for clarification. I was surprised the timing worked itself out actually.(u can’t
see the ingredients inside the ‘bridge/analyzer’, but the bridges are moving at 1 tick).

The fact that they can’t be placed next to machine I/O is a limitation compared to real crossroads.

Yes, and No. If you mean a T-Belt issue due to proximity to a Crossroad, yes.
If you mean a “normal” T-belt to T-belt “non-deterministic” (ur welcome Tim) jam - no.
For that I’d use the “DirectionalBelt_NoAnalyzer” MOD from earlier (of course u can’t have both MODs - yet).
There is this setting, I could play with: “needsAllOutputsOpen”:true,
Normal T-belt to T-Belt jam:

Attempt to fix w/ ‘Bridge’ - not working (ATM):
Actually - I have one T-Belt/Crossroad jam scenario I’ll check, but it should.

I’ll go ahead and make the full mod w/ the crossroads sprites and post it.

Cool! Thanks for testing it out. Hopefully we can see what else we can do after you put the mod up. :smiley:

Changing that to “false” didn’t fix that issue but did give some interesting behavior, It requires 2 inputs, but 1 output will keep going
even if you only have 1 output belt, but the other ingredient “poofs”. Sort of an incinerator (well, trash machine, there is no analysis) combined
with a bridge.
(I’m guessing if you don’t set all 4 slots on the bridge/analyzer/swapper to “brown”, it’ll stop).
If you don’t have 2 inputs, it won’t output at all.

I’ll try to wrap up the MODs and post - if not distracted by the treatise from svadac on “Ingredient Cost/Cure Value” calculations. :slight_smile:
The MOD did fix the T-Belt/Crossroad jam scenario.
This was the thread with the scenario I tested:

Ha ha, this is ingenious and hilarious. I’m only just catching up on all these posts!