[Mod] Insane Engine

Even though I haven’t recovered the main data for the other mods yet, I did cook something up for you guys:

unlockcost = 0
lockable = 0
classname = “SIM_EngineModule”
category = “ENGINES”
size = “CRUISER”
name = “Mega_Cruiser_engine”
guiname = “MEGA Engine”
description = “TOO MUCH THRUST!! GAH!!”
weight = 0
hitpoints = 300
thrust = 9999
cost = 0
icon = module_engine_4.dds
crew_required = 0
powerconsumed = 0
slot_type = STANDARD
uisortpos = 3060

I just made this if you want to see a cruiser flying about the field xD


Made one with 2, forgot to set “Keep Moving” orders, added them, and OH MY GOD resulted.

So naturally I made one with 3.

Then I placed 10 of them.


Surprising what you can get with overpowered stuff, isn’t it? ^^
Try making a super damage bullet weapon and look what happens when it hits cruisers :smiley:

I have Made a beam weapon it so nice…especially on unending missions…

Some dolt made a challenge with supply limits of 0 on every cruiser and frigate engine, consisting of 81 parked anti-fighter cruisers.

Modding the laser cannon to do 9999 damage was highly satisfying against that pants-on-head retarded challenge.

…Okay, there’s unfair, and there’s mean.

That guy’s the second.

I can see that sort of making sense if you consider it an attack scenario. A fighter attack on a bunch of stationary, disabled large warships, sort of like the Pearl Harbor attack. However the big cruisers should be at a disadvantage. They should not be stacked up in a huge mob in the corner of the map. They should be lined up, nice and orderly, like they were undergoing repairs or resupplies. They should also not be stacked purely for anti-fighter duty. They should have the regular plasma or heavy missiles which are pretty much useless against fighters.

Oh. My. Lord.

There is something seriously, terminally wrong with having to slow the battle down to its furthest possible extent to get the cruisers to move like cruisers.

Also it’s fun to watch, but still seriously wrong. :wink:

hahahaha :smiley:

meh,maybe its wrong,but it still is fun to see something so incredibly defying the laws of physics

so can i just copy and paste this into the modules section?

nvm, figured it out and upgraded the federation fusion beam (only weapon i could be assured that no-one used in missions")

EDIT: also, sorry for double post, i forgot about the edit button before posting this and do not know how to delete posts

crap. sorry in that case. anyway, great engine, my computer sucks, so i reduced the thrust to around 2000 to avoid crashing it

indeed, insanely fast :wink: mind you however, the first time i used it, it didnt work. i thought that i screwed something up by changing the speed, so i looked at the original cruiser engine, and i saw that there was some stuff missing from the code on the first page. if i knew more about modding or had my GSB computer with me i could tell you exactly, but it is the stuff that lets you see the data, so it is something like: “Engine Speed=INTEGER” or something like that. i just copied the stuff from the original cruiser engine to yours, and it worked like a charm

i still have no idea what went wrong. i suck at modding. regardless, great mod, works perfect, thanks a bunch!

I did notice that the Engine of Insanity had no stats displayed in the module selection window on the Ship Design screen. But I didn’t worry about it because the thing still works.

again, huh. The description is short, but you should still see it. Oh well.

The stats don’t appear because something like this is missing:

[dataitems] 0 = cost,DECIMAL 1 = weight,DECIMAL 2 = hitpoints,DECIMAL 3 = powerconsumed,DECIMAL 4 = crew_required,INTEGER 5 = thrust,DECIMAL
It goes just right after the last line of what Hybrinoid posted.

exactly, i just copied and pasted that information and i saw the stats. still dont know why it didnt work at first though

hm… I wonder why the hell it worked for me then?! Oh well. This is one of my first mods after all, maybe something changed since the beta? I don’t know.