[Mod] Insane Engine

Its most likely something wrong on my end, since despite the lack of data for everybody else, it worked. Keep it up though, OP mods are awesome!

Accelerate to LUDICROUS SPEED!

What was that??
Spaceball one.
They’ve gone to plaid!

i found it gratoitously amazing that such simple,crazy,insane (and incredibly dumb) module can spawn a so long thread :smiley:

well it was pretty fun… but it was probably due to my problems with it that are currently nonexistant.

I see your module and raise you 1000x better. Put four or five of these on a hull and watch your ship travel faster than the speed of light! Here’s a little secret: the game allows negative weights on modules. I equipped a rebel cruiser with these and the hilarity began.

unlockcost = 0
lockable = 0
classname = "SIM_EngineModule"
category = "ENGINES"
size = "CRUISER"
name = "Mega_Cruiser_engine"
guiname = "MEGA Engine"
weight = -600
hitpoints = 300
thrust = 9999
cost = 0
icon = module_engine_4.dds
crew_required = 0
powerconsumed = 0
slot_type = STANDARD
uisortpos = 3060

0 = cost,DECIMAL
1 = weight,DECIMAL
2 = hitpoints,DECIMAL
3 = powerconsumed,DECIMAL
4 = crew_required,INTEGER
5 = thrust,DECIMAL

oh my goddess epic facePLANT why faceplant? becasue I hit my hand so hard I ended up on the floor instead.

I know you can do negative weights. There’s an upgraded INSANE Engine in my INSANE MODULES thread. Check it out :slight_smile:

Even though this topic was probably shut down and really old, How is this installed into the game? I used the Generic Mod Enabler, but it still won’t appear. Help please?

it’s not that old…

you just make a .txt file of the module specs I posted, then put it in your modules folder. done.