MOD Installation Program (Adjust and include in your mod)

I’ve created a MOD Installation program which you can modify to fit your MOD.

This installation program will check if the user has Democracy 3 installed (Only works for windows, manual installation instructions included for other operating systems.)

The installation programs retrieves the Democracy3.exe file from the original game and the exe file should NOT be included in your modfiles.

Freeware Bat2Exe is included in the download. You can use this if you wish to convert your installation to a .exe file.
Only make a 32 bit application. This installation program supports both 32 and 64 bit newer windows versions.

This program is supposed to be used with total conversion mods which for some reason can’t have all the functions you need from inside the MOD folder.

Version 4:

Version 3:

Version 2:


[code]Open up install.bat in the text editor of your choice and edit

SET DIRNAME=My Democracy 3 MOD



This will define the name of the directory the mod is installed into and the name of
the shortcut created on the desktop during installation.

Place your mod files (Excluding Democracy3.exe file) in a .zip document named “ in the same folder as the installation file”

###You can in Windows create a .zip document by going into the mod directory which you have created,
marking all the files and right click, send to -> zipped folder###[/code]

Version 4:
Allows chose of drive letter

Version 3:
Allows user input if not found.
Code made smaller.

Version 2:
Fixed compatiblity with non-steam version.
Exit from loop.
Show error message if Democracy 3 is not found.[/code]