[MOD] International Culture Policies V0.3 Simulation Update

Hi :smiley: I am new here in the forum :slight_smile:

My name is Franco And my ENGLISH IS BAD, Yeah sorry, I have some gramatical errors :confused:

Well… Time to start.

Now you can spread some international culture for you country! The culturally-influenced countries included in this mod are:

-Venezuela (1 Policie)
-Japan (2 Policies)
-Brazil (1 Policie)

This mod will add policies like the Manga in Japan or the Beer and Malta from Venezuela. Also, it will add 2 new Simulations!


[b]* National Culture

  • International Culture[/b]


* Increase Manga Culture: Our country will increase the Mangas On the market and translate these to the national lenguage, Mangas are cheap, so people whit low economy can purchase these whitout problem.
* Increase Anime Culture: Our country will increase the animes that people can watch on TV and increase the number of DVDs that can be purchased in stores which will be translated into the national language, Liberals love to buy DVD, also the wealthy will buy high quality DVD which will be able to see in HD TVs.

* Beer And Malta Poler Drinks: Our country will produce Beer and Malta Polers Drink, The capitalists will invest and will sell at high prices, Motorist will love to buy some light drink for trips, In addition, increased alcohol consumption.

* Cultural Festivals: Our country will grant funds to all cultural centers to increase the number of cultural festivals throughout the country. The Liberals, the poor and the young love this idea, but will have a big effect on the conservatives and the motorist.

I will add more countries and more policies if you all like this idea :slight_smile:

So, please, answer these questions:

1- Do you like the idea?
2- I need to change something in the “Effects”?
3- I need to change something in the “Prices”?
4- There are some gramatical errors? Can you Understand all text?
5- You have an idea from a country? Share it!
6- Do you want the Spanish translation Version of this mod ? Quieres la versión en español de este mod?

If you realy like this mod, please tell it :slight_smile:


-Donwload the file
-Unzip/Extract In You Democracy 3 Main Folder


[code]V0.3 The Simulation Update.

-Added 2 new Simulations (Whit Icons, Balance and Description)

-Adapted the effects of mod policies for new simulations.


-Fixed few grammatical errors.

-Changed some effects for the Manga culture policie.
-Changed departament for the Beer and Malta police.

-Added 2 new policie.

-Added 1 new cultural country.


-Added 2 new policies.

Cultural Countries:
-Added 2 new Cultural Countries.[/code]

Good luck and have fun :smiley:
International CultureV0.3 The Simulation Update By FrancoPc.zip (29.6 KB)

Looks like a great mod, downloading now. It adds more content to the game which I always like. Also, I can help you with the mod descriptions like spelling and grammar so if you want my help just say so.

Thanks :slight_smile: I will think abaout that, now, the mod is in Stand by, but i will make a big update son :slight_smile:

Hi, would you say this mod is ‘stable’ or finished? if so, I can add it to the list of mods on the website and put together a windows installer for it. just let me know here or by PM when you want me to do that,

Free of charge English editing.

POLICY - not “Policie”
WITH - not “whit”
WITHOUT - not “whitout”

Nice work, Franco.