Mod issues

I’ve been playing with the process overhaul mod on reddit in my most recent save, and I can’t load the save after the 1.01 update. Is there anything I can do on my end to make my save playable again?

Here’s the link to the mod for reference: … xwQ5a?dl=0

Once the PC version is put out, we maybe can compare versions to determine what changed to cause the problem.
Probably going to need jackeea (the Process Overhaul MOD creator) to help.

I did note this on the Steam v1.01.00 release page:

Note on mods
Saves are now ‘mod-safe’ in that they can only be loaded if the same mod is running as when it was created. This is to avoid crashes as the depth of mods increase and more drastic changes are made.

I take this to mean, e.g., I have MyMODA running and save a game as “MyMODA_Sav1”.
Then switch to load MyMODB and if I try to load in the save “MyMODA_Sav1”, it’ll tell me I can’t b/c it was created/saved in a different MOD.

But still, that change may have led to your issue of problem loading in a later BP version.

Yes there is a hack you can do. Open your old save file in any text editor. It will look something like this:


Add the following, replacing with the name of the mod:


The name of the mod must be exactly as it appears in the menu including the correct case.

You might want to take a backup of each of your saves before you do this in case you make a typo.