[MOD] Legios


For future updates and download please check this topic:


[1] Download
[2] Unrar
[3] Read the readme.txt… I’m dead serious
[4] Copy into your GSB Folder
[5] Play

Legios offers all dedicated players of GSB a new race with a lot of new content. The Legios scenarios are fast, brutal and gratuitous! Fight your way through grim basterds steering big ships with even bigger lasercannons.

[size=150]Features of version 1.00:[/size]
[1] 10 ship models (3 Cruiser, 4 Frigates, 3 Fighter)
[2] 3 challenging scenarios
[3] a ton of new weapons (models + changed stats)
[4] new designed standart modules (models + changed stats)
[5] experimental tactical modules
[6] note: the power generators modules were switched to ‘Engine’ because ‘Others’ was just overloaded

[size=150]Please report issues concerning:[/size]
[1] Weapon balancing
[2] Module balancing
[3] literal & grammatical flaws
[4] other mistakes

[1] Skirmish for Legir VII

[2] Ambuscade at Krowan

[3] The Devastation


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lol… you’ve got to be kidding me… the four letters/numbers i had to type in before downloading were GSB2. What are the odds?! XD

They look terrific. XD
Can I Reproduced them to the Chinese forum?

@ hopefast,

well you can post them there if you can write in chinese :wink: But you are also allowed to do so, this would be a nice support for the mod :wink: You can also post the downloadlink for the actual mod, this would be twice as good ^^

Thank you very much
In fact,I am a Chinese ^^
So I English is not good…

@ Hybrinoid,

well, if I’m right then the odds were 1:82 251

–> (39 !) / ((4 !) * (35 !)) = 82 251

Not bad :wink:

ah, well i’m still a bit surprised that those were the initials.

Very, very excellent mod! Been useing it all day. You are to be commended. Thank you very much, the graphics are outstanding

What is a victima weapon?

Nice mod indeed. I sure I be playing this all night.

Thanks guys, nice to get some positive feedback :wink:
The Victima weapon is a special weapon designed only to be used in the frigate called ‘Victima’ (which has enough produced energy to support the weapon). Also there is one engine which does not need any crew. With these 2 modules the frigate can operate, and devastate everything, but with only ~50 Hitpoints the Victima is destined to be destroyed very quickly :wink:

[size=150]PS: I’ve just released version 0.81, with some hotfixes and advanced beta features ;)[/size]

Hey I beat the Assault at Krowan 8 on Normal with the Tribe and the Empire. I tried Hard, I couldn’t beat it. :frowning:

Not bad, not bad :wink: I will have to stop modding and start playing if I don’t want to bear the shame of not winning against my own fleet :wink: So Racer, if I’m allowed to call you Racer ^^, what do you think? I don’t know how other scenarios are made but on normal the Legios fleet has like ~18.000 points deployed, on hard ~20.000 and on expert ~24.000. As you could see you have had only 20.000 points to distribute yourself. Maybe I should go up to 30.000?
And did you sense any problem concerning the strength of my fleet? What did you think was too powerfull?

Sure you can call me that. :slight_smile: I think that maybe go up to 25 or if anyone is having trouble beating it go up to 30. The fleet is strong, but I didn’t sense any problems with it. :slight_smile: Nor it is overpower like the Tribe. I hope you make some more soon. :smiley:

The Megaupload page says that the file is currently unavailable. Any chance you can put it up elsewhere for dl? :frowning:

@ Singh

Well, hm yeah this might be a problem of megaupload because of heavy traffic. Just try it another time if possible. I just tried a minute ago and it worked perfectly fine. If nothing else will help I will upload the game on modDB as an alternative link. But because it’s more convenient for me, please deal with megaupload for the time being, at least it’s better than rapidshare :wink:

@ Racer

When I’m done with a new background, the new (beta) scenario will follow not long after that :wink:

looks very nice, with your permission, I would like to integrate this into my mod. you will recieve credit for the mod.

Well, I don’t know let us first wait till the 1.0 is released and then talk again about it. Basically it’s no problem at all, but I’m not quite sure why you want to embedd a mod like Legios into your mod, because 1. your mod alters the basic game and 2. legios is a standalone which will be balanced to work with the vanilla version of GSB. So our mods follow a totally different philosophy, so in my eyes there is no unconditional need to merge them. But if you feel a overwhelming need to unify all GSB mods into one supermod, do as you please :wink: In the end it’s just a free mod and as long as people play it, I’m satisfied…

Hey when i try to load after installing your mod i get a error

Well, this should be impossible. Did you copy it into your folder for the first time? If yes, then post the error messaged stored in the error.txt. If you copyd the 0.81 over the 0.80 without following the readme.txt try to follow the instructions anyway. This means delete all saved Legios ships and deployments containing legios ships.

i never got 0.80