[MOD] machine modifications

Playing w/ some mods - mostly silly stuff but illustrated some things.
In the research.data file (and put in your mod directory)

1st upgrade would shake an ingredient 6 times - silly (but the animation is funny -it shifts 6 times).
Under the entry for “id”:“research_shaker”,

Or want to pack 6 drugs in one box? ( I tested it - it worked - 6 in one box)
Under the entry for “id”:“research_packer”,

Or want to unlock 10 slots for sequencer on 1st upgrade? (2, 10, and 18 are included in base machine)
Under the entry for “id”:“research_sequencer”,

If I come up with anything truly useful, will post it.

Most useful and very cheaty mod I’ve made so far for machines is just something to make all the process times for every machine set to 1. Saves a tonne of space.

Everything for it is in equipment.data and it is:


I also offset their processing costs (“processCost”:####) and their build cost (“cost”:####) to more than double what they’d have been before so the saving of space hits your budget far more. Mainly because with so much extra space, you can release more products quicker.