[MOD] Magnet Pack

I haven’t played GSB in a while, but I was playing a counter-based space battles game and I went back to it, then decided to make another mod. Because why not. I also decided that I might as well release the mod to here, for anyone who still exists on this forum. So I present:

[size=150]The Magnet Pack[/size]

It’s a pack of modules based around magnets, because magnets are fun, and magnetic weapons are VERY fun. The modules are basically a timeline showing me dealing with the UniT viral campaign because shielded fighters annoy me and also creating powerful but reasonably balanced weapons.

Also, since I have basically not touched my mod race for months, I’ll be releasing what I had in a different thread. And probaby work on it for my own fun and release the whole thing some other time.

Magnet Pack v1.0: http://www.mediafire.com/file/j4p93gg4vxyi4j9/Magnet+Pack+v1.0.zip