[MOD] Mass Effect (Final Version v1.00) UPADATED DL LINK

[size=200]Mass Effect Final Version 1.00[/size]

So iv been a fan of Gsb since it came and i seen allot of mods but never a Mass Effect mod.
So i was thinking of making one myself and share it to all after its ready. I’m new to modding but learning pretty fast.
I am all alone in this project and its not moving in FTL speed so be patient and i apologize for my bad spelling.

So here are some screenshots of the ships that currently is in this mod



[size=150]Reaper Destroyer[/size]

[size=150]Cerberus Cruiser[/size]

[size=150]Alliance Cruiser[/size]

[size=150]Alliance Fighter[/size]

[size=150]Quarian Cruiser[/size]

[size=150]Turian Frigate[/size]


[size=150]Turian Cruiser[/size]

[size=150]Reaper Sovereign[/size]

[size=150]Geth Cruiser[/size]

[size=150]Collector Droid[/size]

[size=150]Collector Cruiser[/size]

[size=150]Title Screen[/size]

[size=150]Loading Screen[/size]


Here is a list of progress
Title Screen/loading Screens 100%
Music 100%
Ships 100%
Weapons/modules 100%
Fx(effects) 100%
Custom icons 100%
Custom sound effects 100%


Added 6 new ships, 1 of them was remade from scratch (Reaper Sovereign)
Added 8 new weapons
Added 5 new songs
Added a second race so now there is Reapers and N7 Alliance
Added New title screen and 7 new loading screens
Added 4 new effects


Added 5 new ships, 3 was remade (alliance fighters was now made as fighters not cruiser)(Alliance Cruiser was made a new model and downsized same for Cerberus)
Added 2 new modules
Added 1 new song
Added 2 new effects

Files as title screen, sounds and loading screen will be overwritten nothing else you been warned.
This is my final version i wont be doing more on this mod but anyone can continue my work. I hope u enjoyed it and someone pick up were i left off =)

Here is the final version 1.00 moddb.com/mods/na21226

Welcome to the wild, woolly world of modding! You will find that GSB is very modder-friendly (although perhaps not as tolerant of typos as some of us might like) and you can always find the Friendly Community Mod Squad floating around here to offer advice, help, and moral support. The “Modding 101” sticky at the top of this forum is your friend.

It looks like you have some high-quality ship sprites to work from, which is always a good jumping-off point (I find the graphics side of modding to be the most challenging part personally). I look forward to the outcome of your modding endeavor!

Good luck!

Thanks allot i keep that in mind =) Graphics on ships will improve in later patches now i focus to make an new race with some custom weapons/ships/sounds

Welcome, bla4zor, and good luck with your modding venture. The Gratuitous Modding subforum is a gold-mine of useful information – use it. :wink: There’s a handy Search bar in the upper-right corner of this subforum’s webpage.

Would love if you guys could jump in to moddb its an great modding community and leave an comment to get the mod noticed, the more statistics i get the more chance it will end up on forums/search/and on top 100 mods and so on.
or just head over there and check it out. Btw i uploaded songs there and will upload and video soon of the mod of me playing it.

I will release an beta maybe in a couple of days supported for mac as well.


I’m liking the look of the screen shots you’ve posted so far, though I can’t help feeling Sovereign should be…bigger. Something about that bugger in the first game made me think huge, probably from the first time you see him taking off very early on.

Once my ‘Diary’ is finished, I shall add this to my list of mods and have a look. Not sure what help I can give other than comments, as I’ve not modified anything myself. Yet.

Yes i was thinking of that before when u said so i made my mind making him 15 % bigger

Going to release a beta in 30 min just need to make beta able to work on mac computers shouldn’t take long, check back again if u want to try it and leave some feedback =)

Always good to see a ME mod. I hope you’ll be able to put it together - I know how difficult modding can be at times… :slight_smile:
What do you intend to be in the final version of the mod? I see you’ve made one ship for each race, but do you plan to focus on one faction from the game and keep other ships as a bonus or do you want to just ‘mix it all up’? It’s cool to play with reaper ships but it’s weird to see alliance and turians fighting alongside them… :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Trying to get the mod done until 29th this month but never know may need more time.
  2. Final version will have more ships to each race and everything will eventual be done on time.
  3. There will be 2 races Alliance and Reapers
  4. Ha ha why is that weird xD Final game you fight alongside whit every race, and after final version i am gonna start on story were you need to put an end to the reapers.

3.Even better ^^
4. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve meant fighting as reapers with humans and turians as allies. Come to think of it, with Leviathan DLC it’s possible to have one ore more allied reaper ships… hmmmmm…

How are you doing with alliance ships? Coincidentally, I happen to be a creator of a ME mod for a fairly similar game, and I do have some interesting alliance hulls I could make into higher resolution dds images. I’d gladly share those if they fit into your concept of this mod.
reaper hulls too btw.

Lol my bad, misunderstood ,well in beta 2 races are already available, but the Leviathan idea was… dammit now i need to mod more =P

Man that would be great and help me speed the project up and ofc will thank you as well u will be part of the mod then =)
PM me and we can talk more.

Just having a look on how you put the mod together.
Since your overwriting vanilla files with this Beta: its a good idea to warn the user :slight_smile:

Yes that was a mistake by me but i quickly uploaded a new version that wont overwritten vanilla files only the loading screen and main tittle.

well first off let me welcome you to the forums and modding community as well…always nice to see a new face.

Never played Mass Effect…but I gotta say I LOVE the ships and graphics you’ve got so far, they look clean and nice.

some of your beam FX looks pretty sweet…that red one looks like my Thunderhawk Pulse Cannon, looks to me like great minds think alike!

Great progress man! Screens look way awesome. I’ll download asap ^^ What do you think of the ships I’ve sent you? Do they match your mod concept?

Thanks i think it is have no ide just dl an community effect map from an forum that had allot of effects maybe its yours =) i been doing allot now and have just moved into a new apartment and new job in city so i haven’t done much progress on mod but i have made many improvements but far from done =)

Thanks for the ships well 1 reaper was nice and alliance ships i already had and the reaper ships looked like you took one reaper and but on another reaper and so on am i right xD ?

Sth like that. There isn’t really a lot of reaper variety out there so one must be resourceful. Btw: how come did you have the alliance ships already 0_o ? (except for the cruiser of course…)

Thats true not many reapers still liked em =).
Got mine from deviantart

Last version i make feel free to continue my work i wont mind =)

When I try and download it it says permission denied D: