[MOD] Mass Effect (Final Version v1.00) UPADATED DL LINK

Hey bla4zor – in the event that you ever come back, here’s why your mod’s Mediafire status is “permission denied”:

Mediafire easily detected your inclusion of copyrighted music from the Mass Effect official soundtrack album. You’re one of several different modders who has recently had their Mediafire content frozen on account of making this sort of mistake.

You can either remove the music that you previously bundled with your mod, or replace it with royalty-free music, before re-uploading the mod for other players.

quoting myself from a privous post

Those are helpful links; nicely done.

So is there a link that works to download this mod??? I want it. :frowning:

BTW my username is indeed after the Reaper Harbinger. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, there is no longer a working download link to it. Bla4zor has not been back here since last October, so he hasn’t even realized that Mediafire froze his then-current link.

gah he rage quited

No, my hasty and credulous friend; he simply finished what he came here to do, and that was only to create the mod (and not to spend his efforts supporting it an indefinite time into the future). He clearly had other priorities and time-pressure that constrained him, too. For example:

Based on that final post of his, I don’t expect he’s coming back. But it’s just silly to characterize that as a “ragequit”.

For anybody who wanted to play this but didn’t download it when they could, their only chance is to hope that another player who did download it will re-upload the mod and link it here.

looks really cool but i can’t download it gives me the message “Permission Denied.”


Did you read the latest posts on this page before posting? Because that very same “Permission Denied” state is what we’re currently talking about. We know that nobody can make use of that existing link. :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry it was like 12:30 in the morning so my brain was telling me “aw thet mods louks coll u bittyer tel thim it brocen” yea…thats what happens when i get tired :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to see people still want to download the mod =) im sorry for the link not working but u can download it here moddb.com/mods/na21226

started to play Gratuitous again eheh so i checked forum and saw ppl wanted to play the mod =). Like i said before u have full permission to continue my work to make it better.