[MOD] More Policies

I transfered my mod to Steam Workshop but you can still use this topic to make suggestions/comments/etc!
(For those that don’t have steam and like the mod,I’ll still upload it here but for information you need to check the workshop page -Note: I uploaded a hotfix for the Adoption Incentives policy description, but it’s only available on the workshop. Sorry for the inconvenience!)
More Policies v1.31.zip (93.9 KB)
More Policies v1.3.zip (93.9 KB)
More Policies v1.2.zip (60.3 KB)
MorePolicies v1.1.zip (17.6 KB)
MorePolicies v1.1.rar (13.7 KB)
MorePolicies v1.0.rar (15.9 KB)

How about Basic Income Guarantee?


Electronic Voting http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_voting

Decrease election cost
Increase voter turnout
lower cost elections

could unlock:
Direct representation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Direct_representation
Proportional representation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proportional_representation
Proxy voting: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proxy_voting

National mag-lev Train Network http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maglev
(Monorail pre-req)

Increased compactly, and speed
Increased Maintenance, possible target for extremists
lower CO2
++Commuters ++Business +Technology

Added to the mod,thanks for the suggestion!

Sorry but I don’t think it is possible to change the number of people that vote,also there’s no election cost (that I’m aware of,at least).
The mag-lev train network is also not possible to implement with a pre-requisite,as far as I know. But thanks for the suggestions anyway!

If any other more experience know of any way to implement those and would like to share,I’d love to learn it :slight_smile:

I just installed the mod, and thanks for the effort! But I have the feeling that the minimal income policy is not right. Minimal income is the income that guarantees a life above the ‘poverty line’. Now in Holland that would be about 980 Euros a month. Meaning that the cost of the policy would be 2940 a person per turn. That is three times the current maximal cost (in Great Britain game). Conducting such a policy would have a major impact on society and should cost way more political capital (easier to introduce than stray care) and the abolishment of other social benefits. Also maybe it is an idea to change it too certain gradations (the homeless --> the poor --> everyone ?).

Some ideas:
-Multiply MinCost by 2 and MaxCost by 3 or 4
-Implementing political capital cost: 43
-Cancel political cost: 40
-Raise/Reduce budget political cost: 28
-Custom slider names such as: Grants for homeless → Poor → Everyone (as you suggested)
-I have to check if this is actually possible,but make the price get influenced by the population number (EDIT: Tried that but I couldn’t get it to work,it seems to not be possible atm but I could be doing something wrong)

What do you think about these ideas?
Also,any other comment on other policies?

Thanks for the feedback!

If you’re limiting the handout to certain groups, it’s no longer basic income.

The wiki pages puts it thusly: “Basic income is entirely unconditional: the only requirement for receiving it is to be a citizen and/or resident of the country.”

I’d keep it on a standard min-max slider, with the slider determining the amount paid (some arbitrary amount suitable for the nation in question).

Also, any chance of getting in Zip?

Guaranteed minimum income is the term for means tested income, basic is universal.

You’re right Rick,forgot about that.
[size=50]Maybe I should change the name to Guaranteed Basic Income,or something like that to prevent this? (EDIT: Derp. The name is already Basic Income Guarantee,so ignore this line.)[/size]
And what about the rest of the ideas,seems good?

(.zip added to the op)

Just an update!
I ported the mod to steam workshop now (updated the OP) and I am currently working on version 1.2 (for those that are interested).
If you want you can check the changelog (so far) in the workshop page!

How about a Government Lockdown policy? The Leader of the country can go into hiding if they fear they will be assassinated by an extremist group. It should significantly lower the chances that they are assassinated. It should not be too expensive, but should have a negative impact on Patriots, everyone and foreign relations. What do you guys think?

Interesting idea! I like it.
I’ll probably implement it in the next version. Thanks for the suggestion!

Hey another quick thing that would be cool to add. This might have been suggested before but here it goes. Obviously you have to pay interest on your dept, but having reserves does not earn you any money and therefore seems unrealistic to be just sitting there. It would be very cool if we could decide how risky we wanted to be with our extra cash. Like invest in high risk high reward assets or invest in a safer option for a smaller return.

A fine idea would be a Recession Emergency Fund. If you have a surplus 1% of it goes into the fund each turn and you can’t get at it but when a recession hits the fund money is thrown in right away and every 100 or so negates 00.01 of the recession’s impact on GDP.

I think that both of the ideas are impossible to make with the tools modders have right now, unfortunately :confused:

Also fine mod, thx!


In your policy “techtax” is an effect “Innovation”.
But I cannot find Innovation anywhere…

That effect is introduced by the Economic Realism mod. It will only work if you have it installed.

Great, this was my missing link… thx.