[Mod] National Stock Market 0.6b


This mod includes a quarterly simulation of a national stock market for your state. Version: 0.6b

Please give me a feedback for this modification to optimize the “National Stock Market” or to add some new features.
Special thanks to you for your feedback.

Next version will include the following features:

-The event “Market Meltdown” has more influence on the “National Stock Market”
-The event “Oil Pipeline Attack” has more influence on the “National Stock Market”
-The event “Oil Price Shock” has more influence on the “National Stock Market”

Version 0.6b (latest):

  • ADD: ‘GlobalEconomy’ influences the ‘National Stock Market’

  • ADD: ‘Capital Gains Tax’ influences the ‘National Stock Market’ (inertia of two quarters)

  • ADD: ‘National Stock Market’ influences the ‘Currency Strength’ (inertia of two quarters)

  • ADD: ‘CurrencyStrength’ affects more the ‘International Trade’

  • ADD: ‘International Trade’ affects more the ‘GDP’

  • ADD: ‘GDP’ less affects the ‘Currency Strength’

  • ADD: ‘GDP’ has an inertia of two quarters for the ‘National Stock Market’

  • ADD: ‘International Trade’ has an inertia of two quarters for the ‘National Stock Market’

  • FIX: ‘Currency Strength’ is no longer a cause for the development of the ‘National Stock Market’, but an effect

Version 0.5b:

This version includes the following components of this modification:

The National Stock Market is influenced by:

  • International Trade
  • GDP
  • Oil Price
  • Currency Strength
  • Worker Productivity
  • Foreign Relations
  • Global Interest Rates
  • Effective debts of your state

The National Stock Market influences the following voting-group:

  • Capitalist

Mod-Installation Manual:

  • Download the ‘national_stock_market.zip’
  • Unpack the folder “stock_market” into the main directory of ‘Democracy 3’
  • Copy the “stock_market.txt” into the ‘Democracy 3 mod-folder’
    national_stock_market.zip (5.3 KB)


I think its a great idea to add Stock Market simulation but when I installed the mod and started new game I got the follwing error:

Failed to find CurrencyStrenght for Stock_Market,:.\src\SIM_Neuron.ccp 331

Game crashes after clicking OK.


Hi navokuro,

thank you for your answer.

I checked the code syntax for wrong subjects, but the simulation works fine.

Do you have installed another mods for ‘Democracy 3’ and get the latest version of the game?
Maybe an installed mod overwrites some subjects of the Stock Market, which creates this problem by activating the National Stock Market.


The problem could be solved with a game update by navokuro.



today I released the update for the ‘National Stock Market’ Version 0.6b.
This update includes many new features to simulate more a realistic stock market indicator for the game.

I am looking forward to your feedback.
national_stock_market.zip (5.3 KB)