[Mod/New Contry] Portugal v0.1.1

THIS PROJECT HAS BEEN ABANDONED. There is another mod for Portugal: viewtopic.php?f=37&t=9708

Hello. I have included Portugal as another country in Democracy 3.This mod, for now, adds Portugal, 1 policy (along with a slider) and 1 event.

I wanted to make this mod to, firstly, include Portugal in the game, and secondly, make the drug mechanics in the game more realistic. I came up with this idea when I was trying to make a Capitalist/Libertarian utopia (by my standards, not the game’s standards), and when it came to Narcotics, there was no good way of doing it. Whenever I legalized all drugs (which is what you’re supposed to do if you are a Libertarian) drug addiction would always be a problem. This is because you, apart for the police force and the actual drugs laws, don’t have anything to fight drug addiction.

With this mod, I plan to make the drug mechanics more realistic, but not more important than they need to be. I want this mod to integrate well with the rest of the game. I also want to be as politically neutral as possible. I agree that there are some disadvantages of legalizing drugs, but I also think there are advantages (which do not seam to be modeled in the game).

Current version: 0.1.1

mega.co.nz/#!KgJmkYYa!YFmAfzncZ … OX1mtOPPsw

For older versions: mega.co.nz/#F!y0ZiEDaC!Zk46IU5SJpQZs7ABNn08fA


Version 0.0:
    + Portugal nation added.
    + 'Drug Rehabilitation Program' policy added.
    + Education now reduces Drug Addiction situation.
    + Legal Drug Consumption now increases GDP.
    + GDP now increases Legal Drug Consumption.
    - Narcotics no longer increases Crime.

Version 0.1:
    + Selection menu description added.
    + Updated names file.
    + Added "Drug Traffic Intercepted" event.
    + Legal Drug Consumption now affects Crime.
    + Legal Drug Consumption now affects Tabacco Usage.
    - GDP no longer affects Legal Drug Consumption.
    * Increased the effect of Legal Drug Consumption on GDP.
    * Decreased the effect of Drug Rehabilitation Program on Legal Drug Consumption.
    * Reduced the effect of Drug Rehabilitation Program on Liberals.
    * Reduced the effect of Drug Rehabilitation Program on Parents.
    * Changed the slider for Drug Rehabilitation Program.
    * Changed compass icon (still not optimal).

Version 0.1.1:
    * Lowered probability that "Drug traffic intercepted!" event triggers.
    * Changed icon for Drug Rehabilitation Program.

Future changes:

  • Make better compass icon for Portugal (I would like it to be more like the normal ones).
  • Add descriptions.
  • Add more drug related events and dilemmas.

A higher GDP means more drugs and more drugs means a higher GDP? Reminds me of when I modded lower taxes to boost GDP, then I could keep cutting taxes and still make the same amount of money.

Well, I though that the more money people have to spend, the more drugs they will buy. But that can lead to too much benefits for increasing drug consumption a little bit. I’ll scrap that in the next update.

Try out the Portugal Mod v1.2.1 by Diogo Costa viewtopic.php?f=37&t=9708