[Mod/New Country] Denmark

Hi everyone!

This is my first take, at adding Denmark as a playable country for Democracy 3.

Please let me hear your feedback.

From description: The smallest of the Scandinavian countries, Denmark has just over 5 million inhabitants, and are considered the happiest people on earth. Although considered a socialist state by some, Denmark are recognized world-wide for their national health services, as well as free education for everyone. During recent years Denmark has experienced problems with raising debt, racial tensions, outsourced jobs because of an uncompetitive economy, and a rise in crime. Can you get this once proud Viking nation back on its track?

V. 0.2 - Coming soon!
(Updated Oct. 23, 2013)


Denmark Country mod for Democracy 3
Author: Monkeyclass

This mod adds Denmark as a playable country, for Democracy 3.


Unzip the files, and copy the folder (Denmark) + txt. file to your mod folder ex. C:\programs\Democracy3\data\mods

Mod version: 0.1

Thanks to Xietanu for his flag creation guide.

Thanks to Xietanu (Greece 2011), Aegis( Austria), and Hedyx (Finland) for inspiration in the process

If you find any bugs, find things you would like to see added/changed or maybe you have some comments of critism or praise:

Distribute/edit/use as you will, just remember to give credit


Hi, so I’ve just downloaded this to take a look. It’s nicely put together and it’s clear a good amount of effort has been put in, but I have two comments of things that jumped out at me straight away:

  • You have a script to add 70% racial tension, which gives some really big problems that are basically unfixable. I’m not sure how you would get rid of ghettos or race riots given that racial discrimination act is already maxed out, and lots of other policies are already in place to combat this without much effect. Maybe try to set up these situations more organically by getting rid of the policies that intended to prevent them? Otherwise there’s just nothing players can do to fix this.
  • The debt seems way too high. A quick Google suggests Denmark’s debt is around 42% of GDP. In the game, it’s around 200%, which immediately puts you into a debt crisis, which seems an overly harsh estimation of how badly off Denmark actually is.

Hope this helps,


Thank you for the feedback!

Regarding the racial tension, I think you are right, I might have added to much tension in the script, at the same time implementing too much bureaucracy from the beginning, not giving people a chance to change things.

I, haven’t really figured the right debt amount out yet, and it’s currently too high, I’m playing some games myself, to try and find a challenging, yet doable debt situation. So this will defiantly go way down in coming versions.

I’ll try and release a new version by Wednesday next week, and would love all the feedback I can get.

Again, thank you for the interest.

The download link isn’t working :(, would love to play it though!

If you send the mod in a zip to severinolfred@me.com I can put it up on my website. That’ll make sure you have a stable download link :).

Gik det her i sig selv igen? Det ville da ellers være fedt at spille DK.

Seems like the download link doesn’t work. I’d have to signup to this thing… Any other solutions?

No, I can’t get it to work either. Would be great though.