[Mod]Nightmare of Aircraft.

i just got this game several weeks before and i love it.
i tried to make a weapon for the players who love this game :slight_smile:

This is called Crusier AA Rapid Fire Laser
Sometime the bombers may pass through your interceptor and bomb your ships.
they are really annoying.
With this ,you can shoot down them extremely quickly without using any interceptors.

plz name your txt file as Crusier_AA_Rapid_Fire_Laser.txt
this is the code :slight_smile:

unlockcost = 0.0
lockable = 0
armour_penetration = 10
blasttexture = “turret_blast_red.dds”
category = “WEAPONS”
classname = “SIM_BulletWeaponModule”
color = 1
cost = 200
crew_required = 6
damage = 3
description = “This weapon is the nightmare of Aircraft.You deserve it.”
fire_interval = 120
guiname = “Cruiser AA Rapid Fire Laser”
height = 8.3
hitpoints = 100
icon = turret
min_range = 30
max_range = 400
name = “cruiser_AA_Rapid_Fire_laser”
optimum_range = 280
powerconsumed = 15
shield_penetration = 0
size = “CRUISER”
sound = data/sounds/swarm_gun_08.ogg
soundvolume = 1.0
speed = 10
tracking_speed = 15.0
turret_sprite = “turret_bull_v1”
turretsize = 0.0012.0
weight = 135
width = 2.2
slot_type = TURRET
uisortpos = 1080

0 = cost,DECIMAL
1 = weight,DECIMAL
2 = hitpoints,DECIMAL
3 = powerconsumed,DECIMAL
4 = max_range,DECIMAL
5 = damage,DECIMAL
6 = fire_interval,INTEGER
7 = tracking_speed,DECIMAL
8 = shield_penetration,DECIMAL
9 = armour_penetration,DECIMAL
10 = crew_required,INTEGER
11 = optimum_range,DECIMAL
12 = min_range,DECIMAL
this is the first time i make the weapon for GBS.
Hope u like it thank you :slight_smile:

i cant see this turrent on the ship. can anyone tell me how to fix it??

aircraft suggest that there would be an atmosphere present
space fighters are not aircraft,they operate on completely different principles

What does AA stand for then? o_O

Having a look at wiktionary AA stands for Antiaircraft (only logical meaning from the list). It happens that in many space games the antifighter weapons are commonly called AA weapons…

i usually dont nitpick like this but this is simply something thats been driving me crazy since i started speaking english basically :smiley:
its like getting poked in the eye for me

Shouldnt it Be ASF, Anti-Space-Fighter?

theres like a dozen ways to call it to satisfy the terminology,personally i would just incline towards calling it a flak cannon :smiley:
and yeah,flaks are one of the few things that dont care if they operate inside or outside the atmosphere providing the charge will explode and you can set the timer right…