[MOD] No Cost Directional Belt

modified Analyzer to act as a “directional belt” - so that 2 TBelts will treat the “directional belt” as a “machine”.
This arose from TBelt issue discussed on “support forum”.

Files for Mod directory are below.

Of course, now there is no Analyzer.

It does convert whatever is input into “shavings” - I had to choose something, but it doesn’t change anything else.

Added an output port for analyzer
Kept the Purchase Cost at $100 - same as regular belt
Process Cost = 0
Process Time =1

Screenshot showing it in action: (note output, conversion to shavings, and $0 cost):

DirectionalBelt_NoAnalyzer.zip (6.4 KB)

So this makes the analyzer no longer destroy what it analyzes? Any other effects?

It doesn’t actually analyze, nor does it destroy. You could add in a “processor”: linearConc (or other) type line if you wanted (or any other concentration level modifier).
I just chose the analyzer b/c I need an existing machine (b/c we can’t change the menus in the Production Tab, currently - Tim said maybe some day).

I think you saw the later iteration under the “3-belt machine” post. That has advances in images used.