[MOD] Parasites Evolved (1st edition)

I heard you like expansionpacks, so i made an expansionpack of an expansionpack so you can get more when you get more.

What you see here is the new Parasite Polypodiozoa Dreadnought. It’s current features are as follows:

  • 14 turret slots and 12 standard
  • 16% Integrityboost
  • 11% Armourboost
  • 12% Shieldboost
  • 31% Powerboost
  • 100% Destruction

Basically, this is a little minimod i decided to make cause the Parasites are awesome. no “version” number, since i dont really have any goals with this. just gonna make another “edition” when and if i decide to add something more to it.

This dreadnought works very well with Archduke Astro’s Classic Dreadnoughts mod and while it is not required, it is advised to go have it installed, since the powergenerator and engine increase the effectiveness of the ship.

Wether or not it’s ballanced, i have absolutely no idea. The 31% powerboost might be too much, but i used the classic dreadnoughts as ballancing template, so (hopefully) it shouldnt be too bad.

Requires Parasites expansion pack (oboviously)

(EDIT: Fixed download link)


I’ve been waiting for a parasite dreadnought… Their ships seem sooo much like I want human ships to be! Well, without the biomechanical parts. Those can go. And the parasites themselves.

Very nice work here. I’ve only piddled around with it so far this morning, but it seems decently balanced to me. Even with a 31% power boost, I still had to scale down my armament choices in order to require only a single (dreadnought) power plant.

Well done!

I’m glad you guys liked it. I’ve played around with it quite a lot in campaing recently and i found it to be useful, but not enough to justify spamming it.

I have also began playing around with a Parasite bomber.

I’m not entirely satisfied with how it looks. It doesnt blend as well with the other parasite fighters as the dreadnought did with cruisers. I’m also having a hard time making it valuable in a battle, since fighter lasers are pretty much the optimal fighter weapon choice for any situation (torpedos slow it down into cannon fodder and rocket launchers do nothing against cruisers)

Im thinking maybe a plasma torpedo weapon for it might do the trick. Parasites already have the plasma slingers for cruisers, so it kinda fits in with the design of the race.