[Mod] Pirates!


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[size=150]1.0 Features:[/size]

  • 12 new ships
  • 1 survival


Im not to sure about that funky green, but everything else looks fine. I would like to see some fighters with more Jets on them. and some makeshift gun slots, like balconys hanging off the side with a few guns on them.

and possibly could flamethowers be good for this race, Im not sure about how to do them but Having a Gun that fires a Projectile in Bursts that looks like either:a Bar Off Fire/Line of Fire. just needs a ridiculous ROF

I’m not sure what you mean with funky green? Do you mean the graffiti top left?
Concerning the flamethrower, I will try some things, but the only possibility would be a beam or electro weapon. But in the end it would look very static.
Also you idea with the balconys sounds nice, I will try to give it a shot…


I upped another ship picture. I hoped I would receive some more feedback to be true. Are all of you too polite to tell me that my approach isn’t the best? ^^ If so just tell me, every feedback helps me to produce better results and maybe inspire me to find an even better approach. I think I will try to come up with a cool empire ship next. I will incorporate good old skull and bones this time I think…

What about a makeshift nuclear missile (like the ones the order have) but with much, much more power, but fired without decoys, travelling slowly and with big fire intervals. It should also be able to penetrate shields/armor to compensate for the drawbacks.

They seem more like “mexican Gangsters” than “Though old Pirate”, but i quite like the mexican gangsters (no, im not trying to be offensive)

they look funkey ! that is a good thing!


I upped a new Cruiser. Well as you can see it resembles no known ship of the empire so I will go with the story that this one is a seized top secret imperial guard vessel :wink: I think I will go with the name Usurper.

The Usurper looks like a very interesting design!

Yeah yeah I know those pirates really outdid themselfes ;). Unfortunatly we will never know how the original ship looked like… The pirates really altered a huge part of it :wink:

holy shit that looks awesome :smiley:

Awesome ships you have there Eich :smiley:

I don’t know if it’s what you’ve got in mind but for the alliance pirate ship you could add a spider graffiti or any insect you think it fits with the ship you are editing. Or maybe an octupus/tentacles graffiti?

Looking forward to more cool looking ships :smiley: (talking of cool ships I should end coding the ones you posted time ago…)

Nah, to be true I will not add any kind of alliance ship. I really, really, really² hate it to work with this particular design. Maybe there is a minimal, small, almost invisible chance that I will bring myself to make an alliance ship. In this case I will most certainly have your suggestion in mind. But don’t get your hopes up. I fear I have to disapoint all of you alliance loving players out there :wink:

I upped the final cruiser. As you can see it’s based on a Order ship. So I named it Heretic. Yeah I know very uncreative :wink: Well whatever. As you can see I created a new design from the scratch as I did with the imperial one. Well I didn’t stay true to my “seized ship theme” but so what. The most important thing is that it looks good. And I think this ship looks really badass :wink:

I think stylistically it might be cool/fun to have parts of ships from different factions welded/tractorbeam’d together.

Yeah well then you might be interested in the Scavengers mod. :wink:


Mm, right. Right.


[size=50]nublet is slain[/size]

I like em all, look forward to another high quality mod by you eich! XD

Looking good, keep up the good work! :smiley:

I just wanted to inform you all that I had to stop working on this mod for the past weeks… At the moment University comes first. I have a lot of outstanding things to do which need to be finished till end of July. This means that you may expect no updates before August. Same goes for my other mods. Just wanted to send out a little lifesign, I don’t want people to think I’m dead. :wink:
In the mean time I will try to come up with awesome ideas which will blow you away :wink:
Maybe Cliff will release the campaign mode in the meantime. I don’t know if it’s possible to mod an extra Pirates! campaign but we will see how things develop :wink: