[MOD] Portugal v1.5.3 (Hotfix!)

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Hello Guys,

I have made a mod for you to be able to play as Portugal. This mod is compatible with most mods available on the Steam Workshop, Democracy 3 website and the forum. I’ll be improving this mod in the future currently it is in version 1.5.3 but I do have plans for it to be more realistic. I also have plans to add new policies, new policy effects (for existing ones) and new situations. You may leave any feedback, bugs or requests on the comment section or just on the steam workshop’s comment section.

You are now able to play as the great nation of Portugal! The game starts at the time of the Portuguese Riots in 2013.
Youtube Channel (Gameplay Video): adf.ly/qLF0j
Youtube Channel (Developer): adf.ly/qPVod


Steam Workshop: steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f … /260468696
Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/download/0xx0iyv5m6mhjyo/
Democracy 3 Website: positech.co.uk/democracy3/mods.html (v1.5)
Direct: Portugal (v1.5.3).rar (796 KB)

Other Mods (which I have created):

You are now able to play as the great nation of Portugal! The game starts at the time of the Portuguese Riots in 2013.

Change Log (Thanks to AwakenOne for ideas and DrNickDoom for spotting bugs!)

[b]Update Log for v1.5.3 Hotfix (English)

Bug Fixes:

  • Decreased the effect of ‘Portuguese Empire’ and ‘Portuguese Football’ for Patriot Membership to 5%

Atualize Log para v1.5.3 Hotfix (Portuguese)

Bug Fixes:

  • Diminuiu o efeito de “Império Português” e “Futebol Português” para a adesão patriótica para 5%[/b]

Update Log for v1.5.2 (English)

New Features:

  • Added Tobacco Law
  • Added Military Strength
  • Added Farmer Protests
  • Added Cause for Obesity


  • Decreased the effect of ‘Portuguese Empire’ and ‘Portuguese Football’ for Patriot Membership to 5%
  • Decreased the membership of Ethnic Miniorites
  • Decreased the membership of Liberals
  • Decreased the membership of Conservatives

Bug Fixes:

  • Gender Transition Act are now non cancelable
  • Seat Belt Laws are now non cancelable
  • State Security Program is now non cancelable
  • Fixed effects of GM Crops
  • Fixed Prostitution Law in Portugal form Legal to Illegal
  • Fixed TV Licence Description

Atualize Log para v1.5.2 (Portuguese)

Novas Características:

  • Lei do Tabaco Adicionado
  • Adicionado Força Militar
  • Protestos de agricultores Adicionado
  • Adicionado Causa de Obesidade


  • Diminuiu o efeito de “Império Português” e “Futebol Português” para a adesão patriótica para 5%
  • Diminuiu a adesão étnico
  • Diminuiu a adesão dos Liberais
  • Diminuiu a adesão dos conservadores

Bug Fixes:

  • Lei de transição de gênero são agora não canceláveis
  • Leis do cinto de segurança são agora não canceláveis
  • Programa de Segurança do Estado é agora não canceláveis
  • Efeitos fixos das culturas geneticamente modificadas
  • Lei Prostituição fixo em Portugal a partir jurídica que ilegal
  • Corrigido licença da TV Descrição

Update (v1.5.1)

  • Prostitution Laws Fixed
  • Added Modifiers for GDP
  • Added Modifiers for Tourism
  • Decreased the amount of liberals

Update (v1.5) / Atualização(v1.5)

  • Added 9 New Dilemmas / 9 Nova Dilemas
  • Added Nuclear Power Policy / Política de Energia Nuclear
  • Added National Orchestra Policy / Política Nacional de Orquestra
  • Added Sex Education Policy / Educação Sexual política
  • Added Anti-Smoking Regulations Policy / Regulamentos Anti-fumadores política
  • Added GM Crops Policy / Cultivos transgênicos política
  • Added PEGI / PEGI política
  • Added Euthanasia / Eutanásia política
  • Added Homeless Assistance Program / Programa de Assistência Desabrigada política
  • Added Refugee Camps / Campos de Refugiados política
  • Added International Refugee Camp Aid / Internacional Campo de Refugiados Socorros política
  • Added Television Licence / Licença de Televisão política
  • Added Seat Belt Laws / Leis de Cinto de Segurança política
  • Added Medical Narcotics / Narcóticos médicos política
  • Added Prostitution Tax / Imposto de prostituição política
  • Added Prostitution Laws / Leis de Prostituição
  • Added Tax Fraud Department / Departamento de Imposto Fraude política
  • Added State Psychologists / Psicólogos do Estado política
  • Added Religious Institutions Tax / Imposto de Religiosos Instituições política
  • Added State Religion / Religião do Estado política
  • Added State Security Program / Programa de Segurança do Estado (NSA, CIA etc) política
  • Added Green Industry Subsidies / Subsídios indústria verde política
  • Added Gaming Industry Subsidies / Subsídios indústria de jogos política
  • Added Tourism Subsidies / Subsídios de Turismo política
  • Added High-Tech Products Tax / Produtos de alta tecnologia Imposto política
  • Added LGBTQ Discrimination Act / Lei de Discriminação LGBT política
  • Added Gender Transition Act / Lei de transição de sexo política
  • Added Same-Sex Marriage / Casamento do mesmo sexo Lei política
  • Added Fibre Optic Subsidies / Subsídios de fibra ótica política


  • Decreased the effect of the ‘Portuguese Empire’ for patriots to 25%[/size]
  • Decreased the effect of the ‘Portuguese Football’ for patriots to 15%[/size]
  • Fixed political apathy from 80% to 20% [/size]


  • Decreased the amount of Ethnic Minorities
  • Increased the amount of Parents
  • Decreased the amount of Farmers
  • Other small tweaks like shown above.[/size]


Thx a lot! I turned Portugal into a World Potence. Strange enough, it happened with one election: my compass was set to 119,5% on capitalist, and it is shown outside of graph plot. It also happened when playing with Australia, but wasn’t in one election, but at a random turn (so it wasn’t registered). I see its a game “bug”, not a map bug.

thanks again.