[MOD] Praetorian Industries v1.2b


Maybe there’s a typo in the scenario (like a double period or comma or something). Which one is it so we can locate it?


Ok so here is the situation, every time i try to go to battle the error i said shows up. My game works well without the preatorian industries mod, so maybe this problem is found in this mod. Also i have no idea which senerio it is but all i know is what the error says.


It’s the first Two. scenarios. it is not just one.


I think i found the problem: In the scenario scripts there is something wrong about the variables, i think. Maybie you could recheck the scripts with the ones you posted.


Ive singled out the 2 scenarios that are causeing the error: Prologue - 2nd President and Argena Second - Green Ghosts


Okay, i’m pretty impressed, i swear that i’ve checked every scenario (except the suvirvals) around 20 times before launching the mod… i will check those again, but i still pretty impressed.

Theal, can you explain and specify where you saw “something wrong about the variables”? I cannot do anything with such widespread/random-ish question like that… ¬¬


I found out why it wasnt working, i had my gsb updated at 1.56 and when i updated it to 1.59 the game started working. The reason for this was because i didnt realise that my game was not auto updated as usuall. Sorry for the trouble.


Love the mod bro with all these types of ships and new modules!! Hope to see you modding on GTB when full version comes out!


Glad you liked it, and yes, i have plans for GTB. Also i’m already working on another project for GSB ^^


Uhm, I haven’t visited this forum for a while…what exactly is GTB? Is it GSB but with tanks, like that naval warfare mod?



It will be a TD game based on GSB graphical/customizable/modding characteristics, but it will be much more than a standard TD game. ^^


Seems fairly awesome, though I never was a big fun of tanks and mecha :stuck_out_tongue:


found a mistake in the mod, for the prae_cruiser_double_pulselaser you put an accidental space in the "turret_beam_v3 ". If you notice the space after the 3 thats whats causing the game to crash. In the game this module is known as the cruser diaresy pulse laser.


thanks, its fixed now, i’ve fixed almost every error, i only have to upgrade a bit the drone shield support beam, maybe add some new stuff, and release the v1.1 ^^


Just decided to check out this mod.

Several interesting things to see - I find the idea of the cargo containers interesting - however, I was able to create a heavily fortified Leviathan(no weapons) with negative 10,000 cost - perhaps they should be adjusted so you only see the effect on ships with extremely heavy cost boosts (and give the cargo ships those cost boosts).

Also, the cruiser “Flak Particle Accelerator” causes my game to crash when it fires.


The cargo containers idea was designed to work with cargo ships, however the player can put them were they want, only honorable players will use Cargo containers as they should be used, but there is always some guy doing things like… well, what you have done.
Since its an idea that has too many unrestrictions (cuz they cannot be applied) the gaming experience may vary depending of the player decisions.
Due obvious reasons, i cannot modify those modules enough to avoid things like that negative cost leviathan…

Flak particle accel will be removed for v1.1, it was a failed experiment that i forgot to delete.

v1.1 features are grammar and coding corrections, scenarios adjustements, module rebalancing and fixes. And MAYYYYBE new hulls. But right now im pretty busy to deal with the final touchs of the patch, and The Plague Mod project is prioritized over this patch.


Seems like you could give the cargo ships around +1000% cost increase, make the cargo containers between -10 and -50 credits, then have cargo ship modules (shields, armor, engines, power etc.) in the 10-80 credit range.


Affirmative Sir! ^^


Hello all!
Has the trailer for this mod been uploaded to youtube, or somewhere similar where I can link to / embed it?


I can’t seem to get this mod to install properly.
I have followed all the instructions in the read-me and I own all the expansions…
My version of the game is the newest.

Can someone assist?