[MOD] Praetorian Industries v1.2b


Atm the video can be watched online only on Moddb. Since i had problems with uploading vids to youtube in the past i stopped using it. But here you have the link to the moddb trailer (there are options to be embed/linked/shared) and here you have a recent upload link, just in case:


I hope this is what you wanted ^^

Oh yeah, just a question if you dont mind, any thought about the mod features/general idea? ^^

This might be your solution:


Cliff just wrote in his blog about the mod! Thank you very much cliff!!!

For the ones who didn’t saw it yet, here you have a link!
positech.co.uk/cliffsblog/2012/0 … -catch-on/


On WOW! that trailer is KILLER I really think you should attempt to youtube it once more. OR if you do not mind I can place it up on my Youtube account. I just wish i was able to do that for my own homeworld mod. But i do not know if i can pull it off like you just did.


What the… did someone in the forums watched the trailer??? it comes with the mod!! oh well…

Go on mate, i dont mind, post it! =D


Some further thoughts after testing the mod a bit more:

The cost reduction on Target Dummy ships is definitely overpowered - I was able to get a rush frigate with 2 shields, .74 speed, and one weapon for 122 credits - the other races would be looking at a price tag of around 700 credits for that (if they have capable enough frigates). Not sure what to recommend here - perhaps combine a -50% cost reduction (still enough to deter other frigates from using their special modules) along with a significant (-40% to -60%) power penalty (and reducing they power their special modules need) so that they have difficulty fitting regular frigate modules.


Ok it has been uploaded at 720 HD and is located at here:
youtube.com/watch?v=_2mbdlUi … e=youtu.be


for some reason every time i use a cruiser in the normal battle my game crashes my PC is up to date and i never have lag but whenever a fighter attacks one of my cruisers the game crashes plz help


Do not use the Flak Particle Accelerator. And you must have every DLC


thanks a ton i was so confused with it i hope the plague mod comes out nice


Glad to be of help, and The Plague may invade us in a month and half, if we are lucky =D (or unlucky?)


Each time I’m watching this trailer I’m being overwhelmed by a wave of epicness. Praetors really did a great job on this one.


ok so since im kinda a cheater i was wondering how you make a weapon available for every starship because whenever i go onto a certain modules config file and remove its restriction then place it in the module folder for the normal default module folder i then run the game and it works fine but when i try placing say a prae_levi_siege_laser on a non-Praetorian ship it crashes and has a error that says something about turret mapping not being found how can i change this?


Thanks mate, its the same for me!, it took around 3 hours to be completed and i really really like the final result =D


The first time I seen it i was choking up with tears from the level of epic win I was seeing. Now Can i top it ?? Nope i might get close but i do not think i have the level of . . . . OH SHINNY !


hey,im new to the forums,but with your mod on,the game keeps crashing after i start a battle,im just using your mod,no others,the forums wont let me upload the .txt file,so,i can post what its doing in the errors.txt

16/2/2010 - 12::46 - Ship Hull not found ->order_salvation_fighter:…\src\SIM_ShipHull.cpp 482
16/2/2010 - 12::58 - Ship Hull not found ->order_salvation_fighter:…\src\SIM_ShipHull.cpp 482

BTW awesome mod!


I believe the problem you’re having lies in the fact that the Praetorian Industries (PI) turrets pull from the PI turret file. I believe the vanilla races share the same turret coding (just not the same images). When you use a unique turret with a vanilla race, the turret doesn’t exist.


go to data>Praetorian Industries>races>praetorian.txt

You’ll see that it has mapping for turret_auto_1, turret_bull_1, etc. just like the vanilla races.

If you scroll down a bit, you’ll see that it also has turrets mapped for just its own mod. That is where the crashing happens. Vanilla races .txt files do not have the extra mapping that the PI mod does.

Not only that, the vanilla races bitmaps>turrets folder doesn’t contain the images needed to display the turret properly as the file is in the PI mod.

You could try adding in the coding and moving the PI mod turrets files into the vanilla folders but I would not recommend it. Messing with vanilla files can screw your game if you aren’t careful.


About your V1.1, I think they are some few thing you must balance a bit ^^

How do you build an effective one? O.O
Each time I try, they cost more than 15 000 and are useless

AI, there is two AI that are a bit OP:
“Multi-tech AI Virus” and “Kamikaze AI Code”
The first one remove entirely one ship of the battle, if it’s a leviathan: OUCH!
The second one can destroy in one shot 99% of the surrounding ship when it goes in flame… (Did I mention the leviathan case?) Fortunately, you can put that upgrade on big ship, but it’s still a bit OP ^^’

Cruiser Energy Armour, cost a lot for the weight boost: 1.5 time the cost of an Ultraheavy Armor, less armour, cost energy, and is “just” 2.5 time lighter.

Most of your long range weapons have a very high accuracy, I made a EX-Anonumo Dreadnought Hull fully with 6 crossbow, 5 arbalest, 4 ballista, and there is no cruiser nor frigate that resist long, and over very long range! For a cost that is not that high!

This mod is one of the greatest of this forum, and I really looking for the V1.1 and your other mod.


Yeah, I always thought that a ship with a single almost-one-shot-kill weapon mounted was and will always be OP, thats why i gave to Leviathans a relatively strong offensive firepower but removed several module slots, making them weak at the defense part. But looks like they are just too weak and hard to see doing a good job in action.
And to not say that i completely forgot to add to them an extra slot for the EMP defenses!
Expect an upgrade to levi class, i just hope they dont turn OP.

Well, thats the objetive, a virus that disrupts EVERY electronics onboard forever. The disadvantage of this module is that it can be activated only 1 or 2 times per battle due its insanely long recharge rate, as an extra, most of the time the weapon needs to charge before activation, and the ship must live until it shots. I thought that that was enough to keep it balanced…

AI Upgrades are only for Target Dummy Ship use, i’ve created some little walls to keep them limited to that ship class. However, some non-honourable players just want to see things blowing up everywere instead of having an exciting strategic gameplay and create ships loaded with the Kamikaze AI Code (or other class-restricted modules)
It is definitely not OP, the size of and TDS is too small to overpower this module because there is a very low chance of succesful mutual destruction.

I thought that it was OP, looks like not, lol. Okay, i will give it some more powa xD

Yep, i know :stuck_out_tongue:
I always wanted to give to Praetorian Industries a high long range weaponry tech level, that’s why i gave to these weapons special names and capabilities.
Yeah, almost any big ship fully loaded with these weapons can blow up a big bunch of LIDARs red dots without even a single fluctuation of its own shields. I showed that in “The Bloddy Ambush” Mission.

The fact is that i imagined every ship with the same or similar weapon mounting that appears in the missions of the mod, like some kind of ship class standarization that praetorians like to do.

Thanks mate, the v1.1 update and The Plague releases are facts, but they will take some more time, i’m just too busy with this godamn exams swarming my life…


Just to back up what GATC has said about the artillery type weapons, I think they’re a bit too accurate. I continuously see them knocking laser fighters of speeds around 2.5 out which, for what I believe is an anti-cruiser/frigate weapon, seems a bit much.

Unfortunately, the area of the mod open to the most abuse is the freighters. I love the idea of them, but unfortunately when they can be used to basically cancel out the cost of your ships, vastly increase the warships you can deploy allowing you to outnumber your opponent with superior or at least equal vessels, then any mission becomes a cakewalk.


Hmm, Arbalests description says that it is a really accurate weapon, capable of shotting down fighters if you are very lucky. Does it hits fighters too frequently?