[MOD] Praetorian Industries v1.2b


Did you read the tread about weapon accuracies?

If not, here is the formula: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=3141&p=16336

So with a 3.00 tracking speed weapon shooting at our poor 2.5 speed, 12 size fighter
=> hitchance = 1.0 - (2.5 / 3.0) = 0.167
=> sizefactor = 0.5 + ((12/256) * 0.5) = 0.523
Final hitchance = 0.1670.523 = 8.7%
It’s 8.7 time more than 99% of other cruiser weapons (Who are cap to 1% (0.02
0.523*100) if I’ve followed correctly Cliffski instructions).


Add to that the fact that because of it’s damage score, any fighter it hits generally ends up dead. Anti-fighter weapons generally take a few hits to knock out a fighter. In my “diary” I’ve noticed repeatedly that artillery fire can knock out several fighters at great range.

By the way, just in case I seem overly critical, I do actually love the mod and can tell you’ve put a lot of effort into it and a lot of hard work. I particularly liked the extra scenarios you included as well as the hulls and modules. I can appreciate that balancing everything in the mod is kind of like the quest for the holy grail so some things are inevitably going to slip through.


Okay, no problem guys, i’m adding that to my to do list (thanks to god is relatively short) ^^

EDIT: Just noticed that this post has lost several pages of comments, we were over 105 pages o.o


Probably it’s Archduke Astro’s handywork in removing offtopic stuff. On the bright side we can celebrate 100th page again! xD

Oh, and sry for the delay with the plague hulls. I’ve had to put some extra effort into another project of mine lately. Fear not, even though slowly,the ships are being made :slight_smile:


Np mate, i’m reeeeally busy too, first exam is tomorrow…


I’ve been trying out your mod, and have nothing bad to say. What I’ve tried so far has been very well done. I’ve noticed a couple minor spelling errors, but that’s about it.


Then you were very lucky - I ran straight into a bug O.O
The Cruiser Diaresy Defence Laser use a "turret_beam_v3 " turret mapping.
Notice the small space between the 3 and the "


Thanks for reporting =)


Progress Report:

> The Leviathans of the campaing against Praetorian Industries now are more powerful and have EMP shields.
> Leviathan Class now is sightly more powerful because added a few hardpoints and module slots. Maybe now they are cost worthy.
> Fixed Radioactive Flamethrower missing blast texture
> Fixed “mkl” (minimun kills limit - you have reduce enemy wave HP to X to pass to next wave) values of suvirval II
> Fixed deployment position of the leviathan in Suvirval II, now it will not appear in the middle of your fleet (but be careful with the orders that you give to your ships, leviathans shockwave stills planet-killer).
> Fixed a coding error of Suvirval II
> Gauss Shotgun and Gauss Cannon now are accurate, thus more powerful and cost worthy.
> Cruiser Energy Armour is now more cost worthy, ie, more effective.
> I’ve written a small “story” that, if you read it, will explain what are you doing on the scenarios of the Campaing Against Praetorian Industries.
> Fixed Diaresy Defence Laser code.

In short, Praetorian Industries v1.1 is ready to go =)

@Flypaste: Man, do you want to check the spelling of this mod? I would be grateful if you do =D


I played through “The Second Falls” scenario a couple times yesterday. Each time my fleet ended up killing everything EXCEPT the station, due to the 10% victory condition. Not sure if this applies to later scenarios as well.

I’ve seen a few errors myself, so I’d be willing to do so as well, if you don’t mind.


Personally, i dont see that as a problem. i mean, realisticly, i would rather capture the station than destroy it anyway.


From a plot perspective it’s better, but from a combat perspective it made it less fun.

I’m sure with the kind of tech the station probably was hiding, PI would probably rather self-destruct the station and flee the conquerors than let them take over the station.


Now that I can play the missions… Amazing. You are an amazing person, Praetors.


Yep, its a problem that i wanted to solve for v1.1, but didn’t had time. I was thinking to add more HP to every station, this would also add to them an higher % in battle, solving the problem.

About capturing a Praetorian station, i dont really know, i’m pretty sure that everyone on PI would likely abandon it in escape pods and then blow up the station, there is too much secret hi-tech equipment inside a single station to let to anyone capture it.
But that depends, we must keep in mind that Praetorian Industries is a Militarized scientific organization, therefore everyone in PI knows something about the secret devices of the company, so, if the attacking race is one of these that likes to torture its war prisoners, i think that PI people would let to the enemy enter to the base and then blow it up with the highest possible ammount of enemy casualities… ^^

Why you couldnt play them before?


They crashed for some reason every time. Now I have it on my laptop. And I have a scene image. It supposes a small fleet of Praetorian Vessels, including a presidential shuttle(full of government officials) managed to hyperspace away. After a full year of running, they arrive at a habitable planet. Some of their fleet is destroyed, while most survives. It’s too big, over -10000000 kilobytes, so I’ll PM it to you. Hopefully that works.


Talking about the Campaing against P.Ind, here you have (all of you :P) a story (or something similar) that explains what are you doing on each mission. The original idea was to get to everyone reading it at the same time that plays the missions. Here you go anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

(its a .pdf)

Any feedback will be greatly welcomed ^^


I like it. It provides deeper insight into the scenarios and the rationale behind them. Really makes the scenarios far easier to understand.

Never really occurred to me that the main scenarios were little more than unprovoked mass murder though. I knew the prologue was, but I guess I figured there was a real legitimate reasoning for the P.I. elimination. Really makes you think about it differently.


Okay guys, the v1.1 is ready to go, Tek sent me the text corrections of the Drone, Fighter and Corvette division modules. I just need a volunteer to check all the other classes so i can upload what i’ve promissed ^^


I’ll see what I can do, but I’m about to finally get Galactic Conquest.


Wow… I just realized this mod is about the same size as the combined size of my base game and DLC (conquest, tribe, order, swarm). And it’s only my second largest mod folder! (behind Uni-T) No wonder my GSB folder is nearly 2GB.