[MOD] Praetorian Industries v1.2b


Dont worry mate, my GSB folder is much larger than 2Gb (no idea how much, but i’m pretty sure that much much larger) cuz i have BIG database of mods in there :wink:

A fast count gives me 350 hulls to play with… lol, this community is incredibly productive when looking at the final result xD


i read through a lot of the posts, not all 97 pages but a lot, and ive got a problem i cant seem to figure out. the game launches and works fine until i try to open the fleet hq. the game gives me am error and crashes. im quite new to the game so i dont know if i did something wrong or if its something to do with the most recent patch or anything so if anyone could give me some info it would be great


whats the error?


Perhaps the issue is that misspelled Alliance pulsar weapon?


ill reinstall the mod in a little bit and tell you the exact error. all i remember is it was a sim race error, i dont remember the exact one


The error is a typo in the mod, installation won’t fix. Go to the modules folder in P.I.'s data folder and find the “aliance pulsar weapon” (note the typo). From there just delete it entirely, there is another properly labelled one that actually works.


ahh cool thanks, now i can finally play again! a mod this huge really needs a lot of proofreading to catch problems like this before it goes live. again, thank you.


Well until the last GSB update it was ignorable. You may notice this mod hasn’t been updated for a while, though hopefully when he releases v1.1 it should have no (or at least few significant) bugs.


how to update mod, without screwing over current saves…?


Well, there’s two ways.

The first is to take the folders for the update and merge with the old one, overwriting the old files. This is easier and works perfectly as long as nothing has been deleted.

The second way is to remove the old mod folder from data and then install the new one. This reduces the chance for conflicts from file changes.

The main changes seem to mostly be superficial there shouldn’t be any real issues. If he changes hull stats or module requirements (power, crew, etc.) then there could be design issues. Since the ship designs and scenario progress are saved in a separate folder they won’t be affected by this kind of update.


i’m back but looks like you guys already solved any problems, lol. Nice then :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m really sorry for delaying the update so much, i’m studying for finals and the Ghosts mod take most of my free time (i have to stop with delaying things…)


Apparently, My GSB folders (Gratuitous Space Battles, GratuitousSpaceBattles) are 15 GB. Praetorian is 404 MB. Uni-T is 441. Vanilla Game is just 76. Plague is 137. Holy lerekcaM.


thi is off the wall…

i think you should buff the epavilion station in power a bit


Don’t worry. Unfortunately, real life is more important.

I can still do more corrections if you need, I should have the time to get some done today.


yeah please =D


Now the long ago forgotten…

Pic Of The Day:

Its just a small pic that i’ve made with one of the new hulls that i’m creating. This one is the EX-Thanathous Large Scale Siege Cruiser, basically the little big anti-planet brother of the Praetorian Cruiser Division.

hope you like it ^^


That looks pretty sweet. Will it be included in v1.1?


Is this cruiser a broadside one?
What kind of weapons is that? O.O




jk, the truth is that its not a gameplay screenshot. I’ve made the whole pic, lol.
That lovely but dangerous ship uses his anti-planet weapons only against planets, thus the player will only use the rest of its offensive and defensive arsenal, ie, normal turrets. The fiction explanation of this is that the missiles have not targeting systems (how the hell can you miss against a planet when flying almost inside of its own atmosphere? lol) and that the missiles, or bombs, explode just too much/hard/strong to use them in normal space battle ranges, except that you just want to blow up both fleets and anything at some undreds of kilometres away…

The true explanation is that there is no way to code a fancy looking weapon like that… i know, its sad to not have any weapon that combines sidewinder rockets (a missile shotted from the sides that will hit the enemy after traveling in a half-circle patron. Idk if i’ve explained it well lol) with turrets that will NOT turn against its targets… i just hope GSB 2 will have that feature :stuck_out_tongue:


Progress Report:
> EX-Thanathous Hull coding stopped.
> EX-Haidee Hull coding stopped. Both of them by the same reason, hull editor is making me go crazy, thus i will wait for v1.62. But PI v1.1 will be anyways released with all the already very delayed fixes, v1.2 will come with a bunch of new hulls as compensation :stuck_out_tongue:

In other news, i’m coding a mini mod as i wait for v1.62. Wanzers, a pretty cool looking idea that actually works!
For those who want to know what is a Wanzer check “Front Mission: Evolved”
I will post two pics later :wink:

EDIT: No comments? oh well, i guess everyone is busy with christmas. Anyways, i’m making my own santa back here, but this one isnt fat and it preffers to give a rain of accelerated metal than gifts, it is my first mech for GSB :wink:

As you can see, it has various mobile parts, at the moment only the head and the arms are mobile, but i’m going to add some aditional turrets, large sized artillery cannons and to try something new, a very rudimentary animation of the arms when they shoot. The interesting part is that i’m going to use a Bug that i’ve just found some days ago.