[MOD] Praetorian Industries v1.2b


This might be your solution:


no, i don’t think so[size=35]?[/size]

[i]> did not uninstall

unsure, i haven’t launched the game for like a month
all but the outcast


What about the prae_commercial_aliance_pulselaser (<<- or something similar to that)?

There are two modules with similar names, the only difference between them is at:
restriction = alliance
restriction = aliance -> Delete this module copy

Also, you must remember that the lastest version of the mod is at the Moddb link or at the links given by Cliff.


Progress Report:

> Current Praetorian Stuff Count:
Current Hull Count: 62
Current Module Count: 163
Current GFx Count: 64
Current SFx Count: 66
Current Icon Count: 140 + 65 (turrets)

> EX-Centuria Destroyer Added.

Pic Of the Day: Units that Currently Conform the Destroyer Division of Praetorian Industries

The EX-Centuria Assault Destroyer is the second design wich i’ve taken from another mod and upgraded to fit with Praetorian Industries (the first was the EX-Ankyra Target Dummy Ship, wich is based on the Uni-Ts Probe Hull made by Darkstar). This time all the credit goes to Sirjamonds Exp3rim3n4l Mod, who made the Jormugandr Rebel Destroyer.


well that was there, then again i did just overlay the update with the old version, so yes i screwed up


If to play a P.Ind. update, you want
delete the old one, you must…


you’d better hope yoda don’t find you impersonating him


I got a crash in the mission “inside prae territory” when one of the enemy drones approaches one of my dreanoughts. I used the download link in the OP and installed everything correctly. Why am I getting this?

Edit: it seems to deal with the antimatter generator things.


whoa whoa whoa, slow down; tell us:
text of error message, official dlc’s youve installed, other mods, and debug and errors text (C:\Users*user*\Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles\debug)(do not copy that file path notice the user with * in it, you have to put your user there)

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ suggestion Praetors, flip flop the destroyer normal ship price stuff, a destroyer with artillery cannons is too OP


I have all dlc (that was avalable from the Steam Store) and Swarm mod from Prae.

Errors.txt: dl.dropbox.com/u/10679993/Docum … errors.txt

Debug.txt: dl.dropbox.com/u/10679993/Docum … /debug.txt

Drawdebug.txt: dl.dropbox.com/u/10679993/Docum … wdebug.txt

I have narrowed it down to (possibly) antimatter generators and something with enemy drones.


i should have been more specific, by error message i meant error box (scroll up there’s a nice example of what i mean)


there is no error message. the game freezes for a second then i get a dialog from windows saying “gsb.exe has stopped working”

ill edit in a screenshot of what i mean. i took it but didnt put it in my post. on my android atm lol

edit: db.tt/TE7QmQPS


just looked in the errors txt thing found this

Failed to find race:..\src\SIM_Race.cpp 136

try this:

look in

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\gratuitous space battles\Praetorian Industries\data\modules

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________problems aside, i have a treat for you guys, and involves p-ind ships so i will dump the pictures here

oh and here is full 1600 by 900 pictures for your download


i went in and renamed the restriction=alliance already. should i have deleted it instead?

and i got whatever mod version in the OP under the “download” header that leads to a mediafire link. ill get an updated version if needed.

sent from android phone


OKAY GUYS I found another possible fix!!!

Go to “…\Gratuitous Space Battles\Praetorian Industries\data\modules\prae_drone_beam.txt”

IN THERE, you will find a line…
restricted = praetorian


restricted = “praetorian”

Might fix some issues guys. Haven’t tested yet.

Edit: Didn’t fix my crash lol


Okay lets see:

@Warfighter, i think that the cause to your problems is that you have downloaded the v1.0 of this mod, wich comes with a great collection of coding issues. All my fault! i forgot to delete the mediafire link file and replace it with Positechs Perma-Links made by Cliff, wich hold the v1.1. The lastest (published) version of this mod with most of the problems fixed. You can download the v1.1 in ModDB too…

Try this, delete everything you have with any relation to Praetorian Industries Mod (ships, deployments, saves, and the mod itslelf). Then Download the v1.1 and install it.
If after that you still having that problem, we will try to solve it. And it should be much easier without all the bugs/crashes/etc of v1.0

Sorry for the inconvenience ^^

@Dafradle, thanks for helping! Also, did the EX-Phoebe Swarm took out that giant bastard? wow xD
And mediafire took out your file lol xD


Ah thanks prae!!

Btw I found the reason of my crash in v1.0 of your mod. The flak particle accelerator’s 1 fire interval rate crashes the game apparently.

Edit: Got the new version working now even with my old ship designs and campaign! However I noticed the fire interval of the flaks were still at 1, which (i will test shortly) may still crash the game! I know it’s the fire interval because setting them to 50 solved the crash.

EDIT2: The actual reason for the crash is because a line is missing from the flak particle accelerator!! Go to “…\Gratuitous Space Battles\Praetorian Industries\data\modules\prae_cruiser_flak_paccel.txt” and add the following line:

“sound = Praetorian Industries/data/sounds/singularitor.ogg”

Haven’t had the game crash on me since.


eeeek… that was the problem? Oh F***! How i could miss that!
Anyways, the Flak PAccel was a hard to balance weapon, thus i will not try to add it again to the mod, i have better stuff to deal with :B


Trust me, it took tons of battle configs to narrow down the ‘problem’ module. Then I had to compare files with the ‘problem’ module to figure out what was wrong.

I’d lower shield penetration to 0 and armor to a very low number, like 15 or 16, and fire rate to about 100. That should balance the weapon around only taking down fighters. The range is fine as fighters are the only ships that usually ever get that close.


Pic Of the Day: Just Some New Stuff