[MOD] Praetorian Industries v1.2b


oh and also you should put it on desura


Heh, I made a setup Destroyer with the 900-health mega shield, a shield regenerator, the Ballista artillary cannon, and the other long range one (forget its name at the moment) that cost $350-400 and could kill even fighter fleets.


I’ve decided to change my avatar to this one:

What do you think? you like it? you dont? you preffer the old one? :stuck_out_tongue:
It is the reglamentary Praetorian Space Suit, mostly used by fighters and corvette pilots, but everyone in Praetorian Industries have some variant of that suit.

In other news i’m posting the current v1.2 Changelog (and the v1.1 too). Praetorian Industries v1.2 is pretty close to its release date!

--------------- v1.1 Changelog ----------------

  • Deleted game-crashing Flak Particle accelerator.
  • Added a few module slots to both leviathans.
  • Corrected the codes of both EX-Angelos versions.
  • Fixed Rad-Flamethrower code.
  • Added hull integrity to every station hoping it fixes the problem of Victory window pop-up before destroying the stations.
  • Drone Shield Support Beam is now far more powerful.
  • Drone Beam Laser balanced. No more Drone spam if you want to win.
  • Fixed Deployment of the two Suvirval missions, now the leviathans will not execute a kamikaze jump in the middle of your fleet.
  • Corrected several coding errors in the whole mod.
  • Fixed some graphical issues.
  • Deleted and replaced the “prae_commercial_alliance_pulsar” wich had writting errors.

--------------- v1.2 Changelog ----------------

  • EX-Orphus Shuttle Added
  • EX-Helion Heavy Fighter Added
  • EX-Proteos Spec-Ops Frigate Added
  • EX-Thanathous Siege Cruiser Added
  • Praetorian Minefield System Added (composed by 2 hulls and 4 Modules, all of them with data hidden and very hard to unlock and use propely by common players.)
  • Plasmatic Flamethrower Fixed, now it will not shot like a shotgun.
  • Radioactive Flamethrower Fixed, now it will not shot like a shotgun.
  • Bio-Warfare Rocket Launcher Added.
  • Multivector Missile Launcher Added.
  • Added Minefields to several starbase-defense scenarios. You will find them in HARD Mode.
  • Added 50% more of Hull Integrity to every Praetorian Starbase/Shipyhard. Just to be sure.
  • Fixed the error were scenario 16 gets unlocked by scenario 14. Now it is unlocked only if you beat scenario 15 (final entrechment), as it should be.
  • Urantia Project added. Composed by EX-Urantia Battlestation and 1 module.
  • EX-Syluminia Diplomatic Shuttle Added
  • EX-Varus Assault Corvette Added
  • EX-Centuria Medium Destroyer Added
  • EX-Vylon Lightweighted Target Dummy Ship
  • Updated the EX-Immanis Omega Class Shipyard with pulseglows
  • Accelerated the Flamethrowers speed, now they look more realistic.
  • Enlarged the Destroyer Turrets by 1 point
  • Frigate Siege Torpedo Launcher Added. Brace yourselves cruiser capitains!
  • Fighter co-pilot and crew icons changed[/code]

Coding a few scenarios, after that: v1.2 Release!

@Dafradle: There was an admin from Moddb that wanted to see PI Mod in Desura. Therefore i tried to do it. Something went wrong, and never tried again… and i’m soooo lazy :B



V1.2! Finally! I can’t wait to see this new stuff!
Specially this Swarm-like frigate :smiley:


Did you thought about some kind of dummy cruiser? Or some kind of experimental Alliance-like organic ship?
I would enjoy!


Dummy cruiser? hmmm… i will think about it

Ah, you got me, i’ve already made an alliance-ish shuttle, a Bio-Warfare one ;


YAY! Can’t wait to see it :smiley:


There are very few modding ideas that i’ve not applied to Praetorian Industries Mod, yet. This is one of them:
(warning, large image, higly recommended to open it in a new tab)

And i’m going to try to make it possible for PI Mod, let me know what you think about it! ;D


YAY! :smiley:

Sounds cool.
But i think that it can be like this too:
-Player deploy zones is at upper left and bottom left.
-AI starts at the middle left.
-Red zone is at the right side.
But I’m not sure if the deploy zone have to be a ‘solid area’.

Anyway, will it be at 1.2 or 1.3?


little late on this…

that’s probably because its mixed with frigate squad, which allows frigate weapons on fighters, so they probably had ion canons, regardless if the just and corbett canons they still would have won


The original idea was exactly that, but the problem that forced me to change to corner-style is this:

Each team can have only ONE deployment area, any size, any place, but just one.

I’m planning to add it for 1.2 with the Proving Grounds Scenario Pack, currently composed by 3 scenarios, were you are something like an annoying Pirate Capitain wich likes to assault the secret Praetorian Prototypes Testing Fields.


Oh oh, just found something!

When I was making new Alliance frigate, I have noticed 2 identical copies of ultra-fast zapper beam, this tiny little green beam.
I don’t think that it should be like that, or maybe it’s something with my files…


Been getting this bug for some time, got it when I started up a Praetorian Industries mission, this is on a new computer on fresh install


Given that your GSB install is fresh but you are clearly using modded content, this should have been posted in the relevant mod’s thread. I’m relocating your post to that thread in Gratuitous Modding so that you and Praetors can find the problem.


That’s a very common error of v1.0, cuz there are a few modules that were having typos. This error in particular is generated when there is a typo at the weapon sound effect code line OR when the sound file is not located were it should. Also, if you downloaded v1.0, you may have to do this:

Search: …/gratuitousspacebattles/Praetorian Industries/data/sounds/music/
Copy the sound file called “prae_battle”
Paste it in: …/gratuitousspacebattles/data/sounds/music/

I just need to know from which link and when you downloaded PI Mod so we can find the error easier.

If you are playing the latest version (v1.1) we may easily find the error. If you are playing v1.0 i strongly recommend to download the v1.1.

PS: Thanks Astro for redirecting


[size=85]Ladies and Gentlemen:[/size]

[size=150]Link Removed - Fixing coding typos[/size]

[size=50]v1.2a actually :stuck_out_tongue:[/size]

In short, Praetorian Industries v1.2 means: Minefields, Battlestations, Shuttles, Frigates, Fighters, Modules, Weapons, NPCs, Scenarios, Loadscreens and more to play with!!

This is v1.2a. The upcoming v1.2b will offer several new scenarios that i’m making, i just didn’t wanted to delay more v1.2 release ;D


Praetors, I have since updated to your most recent version, but now it crashes on start up and gives me this error.


Bit of Feedback on your mod Praetors:

  • Consider changing your deployment so it does not overlap the players deployment.
    Reason: If the player deploys a ship with a particular weapon that “warps” in on the enemy deployment, the game could hang. (Edit: more detailed explanation below)

  • Warn people that they need a large amount of memory for missions with Mines.
    Reason: Probably not an issue for a majority of people out there, but if you have limited resources in memory or hard drive space for the swap file, the game could lag when fighting in a minefield.


Based on the error - It looks like it is from the Classic Dreadnought mod.
Try enabling/installing the Classic Dread mod or tracking down the ship that uses that particular module.


Thanks. Unfortunately I now have that stupid audio error again, I’ve already tried Praetors’ fix and it still crashes whenever I load up one of his missions.


Okaaaay, seems like i forgot to correct the player deployment areas, fixing, sorry -.-

EDIT: Wait a second, after a fast check, i didn’t found any wrongly coded deployment area, my idea was to make them like that. What do you mean Darkstar? What scenarios are needing such changes?

(the mod link stills avaliable in the first page, just in case you guys noticed that i’ve removed the one of above)

Aside the recent issues, what do you guys think about v1.2a? Do you like the new stuff? Comments? Thoughts? Ideas?