[MOD] Praetorian Industries v1.2b


Ok, now that I have some time, I can explain what I mentioned earlier in a bit more detail.
Important: The following is my opinion only and should be treated as such.

Executive Summary:
First of all - There is nothing wrong with this mod and there is no need to change a thing.

if the Player decided to use another mod in these missions, there is the potential to crash the game (under a specific set of conditions.) I realise that the “mines” you have placed in the player deployment area was intentional (and rather Evil).

How to crash the game:
The error occurs when the player deploys a ship to a location where it can unleash a high volume of weapons fire the moment it warps in.

If you want to try this for yourself: (Because it might only occur on slow PC’s)
Mission 8: Argena Second - The Right Way
Level: Expert

Weapon Loadout: Any weapon that has a Fire Interval of Zero and is not bound by a small Salvo.
(if you wish to try it for yourself use the Destroyer Anti-Frigate Shotgun but remove the salvo code)

As it stands there is no weapon available in this mod that meets the above criteria. However if the player uses another mod which does meet the above criteria the game will crash in these situations.

This is the only reason why I made the comment to consider changing the deployment, that way the PI mod will be compatible with any other mod. Although on the other hand, if all modders avoid using a fire interval of zero for a weapon, this particular issue will not occur :slight_smile:


Now THATs a great explanation. I will try to deal with that crash. Maybe if i lower the ammount of mines in that area… hmmm…

And yes, the main idea of that mine spam was to frustrate any try to use the same fleets than in other difficulty levels. Fighters and frigates must be placed with extreme caution and you will probaly need to think some-more-than-usual to win the scenario… i’m so evil >=D
(The scenario is not unbeatable, its just very hard, in my playtests i won… a very few times xD)


The only way to deal with this particular crash is to remove the mines all together.

Personally, I would recommend that you do not change your deployment. In the future, if anyone officially reports this particular problem, then and only then you may want to look at removing all the enemy ships in the deployment area.


anyone know what to make of this:


It appears that the Maximum range of the weapon is less than the minimum range.

While true, its not much of an answer. So on further analysis of the image, your questions appears to be related to the The Gas Titan Mission in the PI mod:

Now, while investigating that particular mission, you may have seen that weapons range have been decreased by 40%. (Either by clicking on “Spatial Anomalies” when selecting the scenario or “Mission” in the deployment screen)

Please note that while the weapons range modifier can either increases or decreases the maximum range of a weapon, it does not affect the minimum range.

So what may be a better another answer to your questions:
It appears that the weapon in question (Fighter Torpedo) in the Gas Titan Mission has been rendered all but rendered useless, which may or may not have been intentional . . .

Hope this helps.


interesting… well until this is fixed (which may have already happened i’m slow on my updates again) how do i change a mission so that i can bypass this


That’s assuming that it’s an error. As mentioned earlier, it could be a clever way to force the player to change up their fleet and designs. (But really, only Praetors knows if its a bug or a feature, so i will let him answer the question)


If you read the “Campaing Against Praetorian Industries” .pdf you may notice that you are fighting over a super huge gas giant, wich has uncommon effects on the battlefield. Mostly caused by the incredibly powerful magnetical field.

Magnetical field + torpedoes = all your torpedoes will miss => don’t bother buying torpedoes
Magnetical field + targeting systems = reduced accurancy => reduced weapon range to compensate accurancy

That’s the main idea :stuck_out_tongue:


Some admin from modDB told me that if i do post more pics about v1.2a he would authorize a spotlight about the mod, thus i uploaded a few pics. There are some that you guys might want to see (specially the one about Plasma Fields new scenario :P):



Good work!

Just 3 thing:
-First: Why have you not hide the “unauthorised” modules with the hidden = 1 command ? (And the same now with the few hull that are no use for the player (the IC Leviathan for example)

-Second: How the non-modded races are supposed to kill Praetorian fighter without tractor beam? They are far faster than 3!

-Third: Don’t be surprise if Praetorian Industries is specifically attacked by Xedilco and Xidolca strike team. Duplicate a tech of the Mirror war without “asking permission” tend to make the two belligerent a bit angry! (By the way, it’s more “realistic” that Praetorian Industries have scavenge it from a “Radiant Conqueror” [size=50](Xidolca follower)[/size] ship than a Xidolca one (who disappear really quickly when destroyed ^^)

Edit: Bonus: Why is the ModDB download not the 1.2a version?


First: Ooookay, i thought that hidden = 1 value was only avaliable for hulls codes… damnit! i will correct that as soon as possible!

Second: If you are talking about the scenario called “Fighter Tests”, you can win by using a single frigate and then spam any dogfight capable fighter desing. That’s on easy mode, medium and hard mode are exponentially more difficult, but not impossible to beat.
But if you are talking about the mod in general. The EX-Talos hull is an interception based fighter, if the hull codes were having some more variables [size=50](and some more complexity like realistic shotting weapons, not omnidirectional ones)[/size], like turn speed, that fighter would be much more vulnerable, as like the EX-Myron, wich would have a much much higher speed than now, but a very very little turning speed.
But since all of that is not possible to do in this game (wich makes my explanation useless xD) and i was not wanting to see that fighter flying at slow speeds, i gave to it one of the highest speeds on PI Mod. And hey! New tech prototypes are intended to be harder to destroy! (most of the time) xD


Doesnt works with modules, as i thought :stuck_out_tongue:


Here you have another little story revealing a new Praetorian Device:

Coming in 1.2b!


Why does it work with me?

Example: xed_gore_exoskeleton (Can be found in the Xedilco Modules)

unlockcost = 0
lockable = 0
classname = “SIM_ArmourModule”
category = “DEFENSES”
size = “CRUISER”
name = “xed_gore_exoskeleton”
guiname = “Grand Goremaul exoskeleton”
description = “The toughest exoskeleton ever created!”
weight = 0
hitpoints = 0
maxdamageabsorbable = 810
cost = 0
icon = xed_exoskel.dds
crew_required = 0
powerconsumed = 0
slot_type = STANDARD
stack_effectiveness = 1
uisortpos = 2340
restricted = “xedilco”
hidden = 1

0 = cost,DECIMAL
1 = weight,DECIMAL
2 = hitpoints,DECIMAL
3 = maxdamageabsorbable,DECIMAL
4 = stack_effectiveness,DECIMAL[/code]

If you can find it in the Editor menu, you are good XD


I have also been able to hide modules using hidden = 1. For reference, it is also included in the “tactical” module that every ship has (part of the core game, for those unaware; as I recall, this module is what makes your ships recognize the orders).

Praetors, is there something special you’ve been doing other than just adding hidden = 1 to the appropriate modules? Something that might be counteracting the hidden variable?


Locking and honor costs values might counter hidden value. I will check later, now i’m focusing the little of free time i have on coding the interception style mission i’ve been talking about.


Well, I tried locking my test hidden module, and it still remains hidden on the design screen but does appear in Fleet HQ. So apparently that isn’t the conflict. When you get the chance to look through things, I’ll be interested to see what might be short-circuiting your efforts to hide your modules.

I might even have some time to dig a bit myself (though I wouldn’t count on it).


Just forgot to say:

The EX-Kronus Wormhole Gate is the object that MUST and WILL kill your interception/pirate-ish fleet if you don’t destroy the Transports Convoy before they succesfully run into the Gate safe zone. The idea of the safe zone comes from the Failure of the EX-Kronus hull, were any ship with non-synchronized power generators will get vaporized by the artificial wormhole energies as fast as gets in critical range.

Since those Gates are not easy to produce and can easily become mass destruction devices, Praetorian Industries just built one for each ocupied star system of the Argena Cluster (ie Argena Prime, Second, Third and Fourth), each gate as fast as possible from the stations to minimize the casualties in case of catastrophic failure. In the scenario that i’m making, you will intercept a fleet that was traveling throught Argena Third, at low orbit of that super-hot super-terra planet.

Took to me awhile to give a good shape to the idea of Interception Style mission, i hope you guys like it! (as fast as i release 1.2b :P)

EDIT: The post reached 70.000 views :open_mouth:


(The funny thing is that I can COMPLETELY ruin you scenario with my Xedilco long range missile ^^)


No, you can’t. The gate has no more that 1hp, instead it has an armour of 500, impossible to penetrate in short times. But, I’m going to make that value much much bigger, and add some nearly-infinite armour repair modules just in case xD

Please understand that the Gate is an NPC hull :slight_smile:

EDIT: Thus i can do what i want to make it nearly-impossible to kill. The main idea is that it will not get killed, but will kill you (if you get in range, if not, it will be a looong boring battle)


(I wasn’t targeting the EX-Kronus, but the poor ships that will hide near it XD)
BTW, 500 armour is NOT enough. (5 000 000 is better because of the little weapons like my UHSGBL who got a 1000 penetration and 1700 dmg over 100km XD)