[MOD] Praetorian Industries v1.2b


Have you confirmed that the game will handle – accurately – such ridiculously immense quantities? After all, recommending an increase that is ten thousand times greater is, shall we say, a bit excessive. O.o


1000 penetration is completely redundant, any number over 100% is taken as 100% penetration, ie 150% armour penetration should mean that your weapon will do full damage plus extra damage, but the game engine will never do more damage than the 100% of the weapon damage value.

Anyways, yes, you will probably take out any other ship inside ANY scenario with that kind of superweapons… hmmm, does it is based on missile code? >;D

Yeah i know, i was going to leave it in 500, but… but… GATCs fault! xD


This is not how armour penetration work you know?

If I remember well, the formula is (Total armour point)/ (Number of modules +1)
So, if you have a 50 module station, you need 6000 armour point to get a 120 armour resistance (who can only be pierced by a 120+ armour pen weapon)

In one of my mod (battlestar) each ship got a 200+ armour resist that only modded weapons can damage (with the 2% chance exception)

If the game use a 32 bit variable, you can raise this number up to 2 147 483 648 ^^

(Just tested a 400 000 armour point Xedilco Exoskeleton, work fine ^^)
(166 666.67 armour resist XD)


Damnit, ur right!
I guess i need more sleeping time, damned exams!


Progress Report:

Interception Style Mission finally completed and looking good. I’m having little-to-none free time, therefore Praetorian Industries and Yoma will not get any progress for at least 1 or 2 weeks…

Anyways, here you have a little pic (that i took when playtesting some already coded scenaros) showing some of the epicness of the Yoma. They have some bigass badass and beatiful ships!

Praetorian Distress Call: Distorted visuals due some kind of inhibition device, only pic made it to the reciever.

Highly recomended to open the pic in a new tab!


This mod looks incredible, but whenever I try to play with it, my game crashes to the desktop just a few seconds after loading up, only giving me the crash report, which is gibberish to me. It clearly has to do with Praetorian Industries, because as soon as I remove it, my game works normally, even without any other mods. I have no idea what the problem is, so if I could get some help, I’d greatly appreciate it. I’m currently running on Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.4 with GSB stand-alone version 1.62.0 with all the expansions except outcasts installed.


Could you post the crash report? One person’s gibberish is another person’s… useful gibberish I guess :wink:

I have no idea what the report looks like on Mac, in Windows we usually get a short (as in, one line) error message thrown up by GSB, usually complaining about turret mapping. One the other hand if it’s several pages of stack trace that your system itself has generated then it might not be so useful to us.


As far i know, almost every visual FX sprite in Praetorian Industries is not mac-friendly… But i have absolute ZERO knowledge about MAC OS…


Well, that is when you ask the Friendly Community Mod Squad :wink:

When i was running the mod through the Mac Converter, it came up with errors multiple on DDS files throughout the mod. While these errors would not interrupt the PC version, the Mac Version which converts dds on the fly (AFAIK) would have an issue. This might explain the errors Vecmoroc was encountering. (Pure Speculation)

Anyways, after repairing the damaged files I completed the Conversion Process and made a Mac Version of the 1.2 mod using the same method that was used with Unity, Classic Dreads and a couple of other mods that i converted.

If I could ask the Mac Users to please Download this version and to Verify that if I have converted it correctly. Vecmoroc I would be most interested in your feedback as I am hoping it will resolve the errors you are seeing.

<<Mac Version Failed - Removed>>
Please note that you will have to remove or rename the current Praetorian Industries directory in GSB before you can install this version.


I’m familiar with the one-line error messages, and if that was what I getting, I’d probably be able to figure it out on my own, but this was unfortunately more like the stack trace you referred to.

I’m also familiar with DDS files not being compatible on macs, but in my experience, DDS files generally only result in a white box appearing instead of the intended images. While that can be troublesome, having DDS files has never resulted in anything like this, so I’m not entirely sure that the simple presence of the DDS files is the problem. Nevertheless, I would gladly try your mac version, but I’m not seeing the link to download it. Perhaps you could try posting it again?


As mentioned earlier, the dds files is currently pure speculation. All I did was base my assessment on previous experience where some Mac users could only get a “converted” version of a mod to work.

Either way we will know a little more about the stack errors after this particular test, because this converted mod will either work or it wont. Download is now available in Previous Post (after 6 hours of trying to upload the damn thing)


I feel responsible for your suffering, sorry mate… But if the mac friendly version works, u can be sure i will publish it at Moddb and the main post of this topic =D


Well, I downloaded and tried the mac version of Praetorian Industries, but my original problem remains. So, if any of you would have any other ideas, I’m open to suggestions.


Bother, well thanks for trying that idea.

When i am faced with a mod that does not work with no real explanation, i introduce it slowly.
For example:

  • Base race info (Graphics and Sounds)
  • Modules
  • Hulls
  • Ships
  • Scenarios
    Basically you wait for it to crash and narrow down the area till you find the culprit.


Alright, I’m not quite sure what the specific problem with the files is, but I have narrowed it down to the prae_aeetes_hpwall.txt and prae_aeetes_missile.txt files from the ships folder. Without those, my game runs perfectly so clearly whatever is wrong has to do with those ships.


It’s possible a texture was lost somewhere, have a look if you can find the textures listed in those files.

It’s unlikely, but worth a try.


It’s the ship files, not the hull files that I was referring to, so there aren’t any textures listed in it that would be affecting them.


You mean the actual saves?

If so: Have a look and see if you can find any missing modules in the ship txt file.


I checked the modules, and they are all present, so that isn’t the problem


Another suggestion.

Open the two files:

  • prae_aeetes_hpwall.txt
  • prae_aeetes_missile.txt

Where you have the line:
hull = EX-Aeëtes Cruiser Hull
rename it to
hull = EX-Aeetes Cruiser Hull

then head over to the hulls\praetorian fleet directory and open PI210 EX-Aeëtes Cruiser.txt
Where you have the line:
name = EX-Aeëtes Cruiser Hull
rename it to
name = EX-Aeetes Cruiser Hull
(Might as well change the .txt file as well)

Then see if that works. . .
Hypothesis: If for some strange reason that one character is preventing the game from locating the hull file for the load-out design, it might explain the crash.