[MOD] Praetorian Industries v1.2b


I tried what you said, and unfortunately it had no effect. However, I did discover that the game crashes similarly when I try to change the hull in ship design so long as the PI210 EX-Aeates Cruiser.txt is present, so perhaps the problem has to do with the hull file.

*edit: Actually, the problem with the hull file was just the name, since after I got rid of the weird letter, that problem went away. However, doing that still didn’t change the fact that the ship files still crash the game on start up.


Just quickly, in the design a ship mode.
Have you tried building and deploying a P.Ind. EX-Aeetes Cruiser Hull ?

To take the experiment further, to replicate the two problematic builds ?


Hello there!
May I ask when full version 1.2 will be released?


Sorry guys, my personal life is just not letting me continue with any of my modding projects…

Praetorian Industries v1.2b will be released. Not sure when, i just can tell you that it will probably be the FINAL version of the mod. Featuring one or two extra scenarios, balancing, and a few new hulls and modules.

No need to say that The Plague Mod is already considered by me the Final version. In the other hand, The Ghosts Mod will get one extra scenario and some modules , marking the end of the project (Final version).

The Exiles Mod is another story, it stills in alpha with some very serious stability issues caused by the massive graphical sprite sizes. Aside that the “mini-project” looks promising, but far from its completion.

And finally but not least, The Yoma Mod. It stills on early alpha, but is in really good shape. The compounds of the mod (module codes, sound FXs, visual FXs, Hull graphics, Race Coding, and Hull Coding) are already done, it just need some balancing and organization to turn into another great mod for GSB.

SO, i’m planning to get PI Mod v1.2b released first, presumably in a short time. Then The Ghosts mini-update, and then The Yoma. I just need some free time…


my game won’t let me access the fleet HQ tab with the mod installed


I think i remember this, when you first install the game, you have to play the tutorial to earn some honour. Once you have some honour, you will be able to access the HQ Tab.

Nope, I am wrong. you can access the HQ tab straight away.
So I assume the game crashes when you open it ?

Question, what DLC do you have installed ?
Reason why I ask is that some mods have weapons for the DLC expansion races. (like this one)


If you are getting crashes when going to Fleet HQ, this might be your solution:


i have no dlc (yet) so i’ll go searching for the dlc modules and remove them


I really want to use this mod again :frowning: but whenever I start a battle and a unit starts to fire a gun I get the error that says “FAILED TO CREATED SOUND… FMOD 23” along those lines. I was able tot use this mod before without this crash error. I’ve posted about this problem before but I didn’t really get any help.


First of all, you must have the lastest version of the mod. Previous ones have lots of bugs that were solved in the last one.
Second, if you downloaded a previous version of the mod, and lately downloaded the lastest one and just overwritted the old one, you took a bad course of action. Delete the old version before installing the new one.
Third, as i’ve explained above some time ago, if you dont own any of the required DLCs, you must delete a ammount of .txt files, quantity that will vary depending of how many DLCs you dont own. Follow the procedure written above!

If nothing of this works, just write me here!


Yeah I downloaded your most recent release, and did a full clean install of GSB to try and solve it. However, the game crashes when a ship has to fire a new weapon, showing the “FMOD 23” error.


It crashes my game.

I would give a rather detailed report, but it loads the title screen backdrop (Just the backdrop no buttons), then I get the message “GSB.exe has stopped working.”

Edit: Whoops, I missed a Window that said I was missing the Cerberus ship.

I’m going to relook at my files to see if it’s there.


i has new problem… my game crashes after a time in some battles in missions, first encounter on fall of odesus difficulty level 3 (its extreme right) had not played hard
i was able to play through the mission on normal without issue and the next level without issues, then on mission 3 i crashed again.

i was playing as the gundam and i just restarted from a fresh instal (and then put in all the mods)

i’m think one of two things are happening
1 a weapon from p.ind fires and then the game crashes
2 to many bullets

when i crashed i go no error window

i have had no problems on this instal up to this point

although it may not be important i used the fighter gatlin after modifying it on a gundam fighter, pic of edited text:

finally attached is debug folder.

additionally question, dose this mod now require the outcast mod?
debug.zip (3.43 KB)


Sorry guys for the long wait, i’m just waaaay too busy :S

TheSovietMexican: “FMOD 23” error as far as i can remember, you can only get it when there is a missing sound file, as you posted before. Could you post the debug files here? It may contain info about the missing files.

Variant Phalanx: Indeed, if you uninstall the mod without deleting the designs you created with it you will get an error. Also, you may accidentally deleted a ship file .txt by error, downloading the mod again may be your solution.

Dafradle: Heya, i’ve analyzed your debug files aaand this… Not enough shells:…\src\SIM_KineticWeapon.cpp 402 …May be your answer!
Yep, there are waaaay too many shells in flight, it is one of the main flaws of P.Ind. weapons. Many of them have a REALLY HIGH firing rate, or the shells have a really long lifetime (flamethrowers), wich forces to the game to “hide” many of their graphics when there are waay too many of these kind of weapons shotting at the same time in huge fleets.
However, this “hidding” only happens with classname = “SIM_BulletWeaponModule” (laser cannon based weapons). Also, if my memory doesn’t fails, there is another problem involving classname = “SIM_KineticWeapon” (howitzer based weapons), if there are huge quantities of them shotting waaay too fast, the game crashes. In combination of both problems, you will surely get a crash sooner or later if there are too MASSIVE ammounts of active rapid firing weapons.

I may be wrong since already passed A LOT of time since my last GSB modding related experience, my memory may be slightly rusty.

Good Luck everyone!


a I going to have to jump into the files to fix this, or can it be fixed with a simple graphic option change


Thanks for the reply Praetors, here’s the error.txt


6/7/2014 - 13::55 - ERROR - FMOD[Failed to create sound] (23) File not found. :..\src\GUI_Sounds.cpp 661

Yes, this indicates a missing sound file or wrongly coded module txt… The problem is that this gives us a really huge spectre of possibilities of what is causing this crash, this is directly related to the large amount of modules that this mod has. You will have to check by yourself wich hull you created is crashing the game (just deploy one of your designs against a vainilla race, check if when shotting it crashes the game, and repeat) When you get a ship crashing the game when it shots. Then you have to check wich weapon is the cause, you will have to remember wich weapons that hull has, unequip them all, then equip one and test, equip the next and test, and so on, when you get the error, that will be the weapon causing the error. Write me here its name! and by the time avoid using it.

Is more about too many shells in too little time, you are asking a program to proccess way more code lines per time that it can (as far as i can understand this kind of error!! i may be completely wrong!)
Your solution, may or may not be, lowering the fire rates.


This is exactly why I just left this mod to the AI instead of creating for myself. There are just so many options and possibilities, not to mention that if something like this goes wrong you’d have to sift through it all.


if your refering to my problem this happens in the missions in which i fight the pretorian industries


I’ve been playing this mod for a few days and it’s overall great.

The only problem is that destroyers are too cheap. I’ve made some sniper ones with the 1700-1800 range which cost about 450 - the cost of a corvette fighter?!

Some cruisers cost around 4500 and bring around 13 guns into the battle. However for the same price I can bring 10 destroyers into the battle. That means 50 guns!

I don’t know if this was intended but is a little bit unbalanced that corvette=destroyer in price. I know they are not so tough compared with cruisers but against 50 artillery guns nothing resists and they are pretty tough anyways and the guns are too powerful for such a range. There is no trade off for getting that.
If I drop these on a map where I have a budget of 40.000 (normally I’m trying to beat them under a 50% budget) I can make a number of 44 cruisers for this half of budget which is in any case overpowered and will obliterate any kind of fleet in no time.

So the -99% price bonus is not right i think because If I make the destroyer with normal gear and not specific, it can get even under 400.

On top of that the long range weapons have too great damage compared with the others.
In generally long range weapons have smaller dps for a good balance in all the games. For a 2x range you get 1/2 dps for example.
This is kinda reducing the game to a sniping artillery fighting while nothing can resist for getting in a close range and everything else is subpar. (I will make some tests with some challenges to see if I can beat that further on).