[MOD PREVIEW] The Slyth Empire

“I, like all modders, eventually decided I wanted my own race…”[size=50]Or something like that[/size]~Praetors

I came to the same conclusion. I am in the process of creating a new race, the Slyth Empire, which will be released at some point in the future. I am still working on hulls and new turrets for use with my mod.

I had a huge story thing written up, TWICE, but every single time, I took so long I was auto-logged out. Dammit. I will include the story later.

suggestion, make a word or text document to write it in in the future, then copy paste

“What on Nova is that?” Mused Rufus Fryer, Commander of the Federation Contract Enforcement 3rd Battle Group, and Captain of the Tax Collector,
a Federation Buffalo Cruiser. It was heavily armed, and had very, very strong shields. Of course it was very slow. Fryer was watching the long ranged scanners;
they’d had an odd sighting. Whatever was still extremely far away; even the long ranged scanners only saw a few coloured blobs. He considered reporting it to
High-Command, but he decided against it. He took another look at the scanner an realised he could make out some colour. The larger ships in this odd fleet were light-blue, including a huge ship which seemed to be a flagship of sorts. There were also some small ships that were coloured purple. In between them, there were dark blue ships. He decided to open a communication channel. When the screen opened, he could see a lot of interference, and some odd shadows. No communications officers like he had expected.

“Attention unidentified fleet. This is Captain Fryer, Commander of the Federation Contract Enforcement 3rd Battle Group, and I demand that you identify yourselves.”

He heard nothing but static over the speaker. The shadows on the screen moved about a little bit.

“I repeat, unidentified fleet. This is Captain Fryer, Commander of the Federation Contract Enforcement 3rd Battle Group, and I demand that you identify yourselves.”

This time there was a garbled response. He ordered the communicator to decipher it. The response these new aliens had given was simple:

“We are the Slyth Empire. We will destroy you.”

Upon this being deciphered, the entire enemy fleet turned around and pointed at them. Fryer could suddenly see a whole lot more of them than at first. He counted
forty, maybe fifty ships. The 3rd Battle Group had eighteen. Four fighter squads, twelve frigates, and two cruisers; the Tax Collector and the Exorbitant
. Fryner was not only heavily outnumbered, but also outgunned. Onboard the enemy flagship, he could see a large weapon; almost as large as his smallest
frigate! The gun rotated, pointing at the Exorbitant Banker, but he wasn’t worried. No ship could ever hit him at that range-


The Exorbitant Banker, the Tax Collector’s sister warship, well – It’s shields just collapsed. The huge gun upon the huge warship had fired, even at
this range, and instantly cracked the shields of a capital ship. He knew immediately what he needed to do. “Battle stations, battle stations! We’re under
attack! Move as close as you can to warp speed, but be ready to fire!”

Even as he said it, huge, coloured streaks of light lanced across space from the Slyth, towards him. Beam lasers with huge range. A few hit his shields,
bounced of, but most hit the Exorbitant Banker and tore it apart. Most of his crew could not see the destruction of the sister warship, but everyone felt it.
As the cruiser was destroyed, it dawned on him that he should probably have reported it to Contract Enforcement High-Command. They’d dock his pay if he made it out of this mess alive. Just as he was thinking this, he felt two nearby explosions. Two frigates, the Unamused Client and the Unstable Economy had just
detonated. They were dedicated shield killers; no armour meant Slyth beam lasers had utterly destroyed them. While Fryer was watching the frigates, he saw the
muzzle of the Ultra-Gun, as he’d decided to call it, flash. A split second later an entire squad of fighters exploded.

More beam laser fire was targeted at him, but his shields defelcted it. Fryer then realised that the enemy had fired a missile barrage. “Get the PD ready!” He yelled.
But as the barrage grew in size he found that his point defense would be overwhelmed. And as missile after missile hit his shields, he knew it wouldn’t be long before
the shields were cracked. The Utra-Gun cracked off again and his shields failed. But then all of the enemy fire began to divert towards the frigates.“Odd.” he thought.

Just as two squadrons of purple, Slyth, fighters uncloaked before his very eyes. Each and every one let off two torpedoes and recloaked. His anti-fighter weapons
didn’t even get a chance to lock on. But as he looked across to the rest of the Battle Group, he knew that he had lost. They were down to two frigates and one fighter
squadron. And as the torpedoes plowed into the bridge, he knew that he had no chance of making it to the escape pods…

This sounds like it could be awesome