[MOD] Rebel dreadnought in service!

What a mess. A total, chaotic mess.

First: those decadent, money-grubbing whores from the Federation somehow got the vision and the guts to build this fabulous supership. Dear lord…every one of our raider commodores would give a lung AND a kidney to have one of those in his squadron! Yes, the intelligence reports confirm it…the Feds’ dreadnought really is THAT superb.

Second: our foremost enemy, those corrupt monarchists of the Empire, have practically sprained themselves in running to build a dreadnought design of their own. What a surprise. Petty thugs; have to know that they have the biggest toy in on the playground. Pathetic…and dangerous. Danger for US, that is.

Third: now there’s a supership arms race going full speed in the galaxy. The new dreadnought is changing the face of the War. Conventional cruisers have to gang up, four to one, to have any hope at all of cracking one of those things apart. The Empire is deploying them in sectors all along our frontier, as well as a few other places that we’d REALLY rather not have them snooping around. We have to stop them. We haven’t the resources to match them in an open conflict according to sanitary little tournament rules. We have to fight dirty, as usual; only victory matters. Being squeezed so tightly between other star-nations – and having the Empire right on our front doorstep! – means that sometimes we have to set aside quantity and instead bet the whole game on quality.

Comrades, you all have security clearance high enough to see this.

[-turns on holographic projector-]

What is “this,” you ask?

It’s what our best minds came up with, taking into account our limited money and even more limited fabrication and repair capacity.

It’s what’s currently just out of Space Haven One and heading north for the Imperial frontier at maximum speed. With three entire raider squadrons to back it up, too. Admiral Pilsudski’s covering force is in position, and Admiral M’Benga will be creating “distractions” all along the front in order to keep the Empire guessing until the very last moment.

It’s what’s going to save us all.

“Ragnarok”…the final battle of good and evil, indeed. A worthy name.

Long live the Rebellion.

classname = cruiser
name = Rebel Ragnarok Superheavy Cruiser
guiname = Rebel Ragnarok Superheavy Cruiser
sprite = Rebel Valhalla Cruiser.dds
damagetexture = Rebel Valhalla Cruiser_damaged.dds
hulktexture = Rebel Valhalla Cruiser_hulk.dds
width = 240
height = 240
powerproduced = 48
cost = 446
racename = rebel


0 = 51,161,170,2,1
1 = 54,110,170,2,1
2 = 201,160,170,2,0
3 = 202,110,170,2,0
4 = 128,250,170,2,3
5 = 116,4,170,2,1
6 = 140,4,170,2,0

0 = 87,272,70,70,STANDARD
1 = 169,272,70,70,STANDARD

0 = 105.00,66.00,1,1,92.00,53.00,118.00,79.00,SHIP_EMMITER_LARGE,(damage_sprite_sparks-105.00-66.00),(damage_sprite_sparks-103.00-63.00),(damage_sprite_sparks-107.00-65.00),(damage_sprite_sparks-101.00-69.00),(damage_sprite_sparks-104.00-69.00),(damage_sprite_sparks-106.00-71.00),
1 = 150.50,52.50,1,1,137.00,33.00,164.00,72.00,SHIP_EMMITER_LARGE,(damage_sprite_sparks-150.50-52.50),(damage_sprite_sparks-147.00-46.00),(damage_sprite_sparks-150.00-52.00),(damage_sprite_sparks-149.00-58.00),(damage_sprite_sparks-152.00-62.00),(damage_sprite_sparks-154.00-58.00),(damage_sprite_smoke-151.00-55.00),(damage_sprite_sparks-154.00-66.00),
2 = 86.00,209.00,1,1,72.00,189.00,100.00,229.00,SHIP_EMMITER_LARGE,(damage_sprite_sparks-86.00-209.00),(damage_sprite_sparks-85.00-201.00),(damage_sprite_sparks-89.00-202.00),(damage_sprite_sparks-84.00-206.00),(damage_sprite_sparks-89.00-209.00),(damage_sprite_sparks-85.00-212.00),(damage_sprite_sparks-85.00-219.00),(damage_sprite_smoke-89.00-210.00),
3 = 184.00,133.50,0,1,175.00,122.00,193.00,145.00,(damage_sprite_sparks-184.00-133.50),(damage_sprite_sparks-184.00-134.00),(damage_sprite_sparks-185.00-139.00),
4 = 165.50,205.50,1,1,154.00,190.00,177.00,221.00,SHIP_EMMITER_LARGE,(damage_sprite_sparks-165.50-205.50),(damage_sprite_sparks-163.00-201.00),(damage_sprite_sparks-168.00-202.00),(damage_sprite_sparks-165.00-209.00),(damage_sprite_sparks-168.00-212.00),
5 = 116.00,136.00,0,1,103.00,117.00,129.00,155.00,(damage_sprite_sparks-116.00-136.00),(damage_sprite_sparks-117.00-129.00),(damage_sprite_sparks-115.00-135.00),(damage_sprite_sparks-119.00-139.00),(damage_sprite_sparks-123.00-145.00),(damage_sprite_smoke-115.00-140.00),
6 = 115.50,235.50,0,1,108.50,229.00,122.50,242.00,
7 = 140.00,237.75,0,1,135.00,233.50,145.00,242.00,
8 = 162.50,156.25,0,1,156.50,150.50,168.50,162.00,
9 = 163.00,86.25,0,1,155.50,80.00,170.50,92.50,
10 = 186.00,104.25,0,1,180.50,98.50,191.50,110.00,
11 = 66.00,139.25,0,1,59.00,132.00,73.00,146.50,
12 = 74.50,96.00,0,1,68.50,89.50,80.50,102.50,
13 = 92.75,86.75,0,1,85.50,79.00,100.00,94.50,
14 = 102.75,36.75,0,1,97.50,32.00,108.00,41.50,

0 = 109.00,40.00,TURRET,(101.00-53.00),(111.00-20.00),
1 = 147.00,40.00,TURRET,(151.00-53.00),(145.00-20.00),
2 = 128.00,99.00,TURRET,(116.00-86.00),(140.00-86.00),
3 = 88.00,102.00,TURRET,
4 = 168.00,102.00,TURRET,
5 = 89.00,243.00,STANDARD,
6 = 168.00,243.00,STANDARD,
7 = 89.00,198.00,STANDARD,
8 = 168.00,198.00,STANDARD,
9 = 128.00,210.00,STANDARD,
10 = 114.00,190.00,STANDARD,
11 = 142.00,190.00,STANDARD,
12 = 52.00,139.00,STANDARD,
13 = 204.00,139.00,STANDARD,
14 = 84.00,142.00,TURRET,
15 = 172.00,142.00,TURRET,
16 = 114.00,122.00,STANDARD,
17 = 128.00,238.00,TURRET,
18 = 89.00,220.00,STANDARD,
19 = 168.00,220.00,STANDARD,
20 = 103.00,68.00,TURRET,
21 = 128.00,68.00,TURRET,
22 = 153.00,68.00,TURRET,
23 = 142.00,122.00,STANDARD,
24 = 114.00,142.00,STANDARD,
25 = 142.00,142.00,STANDARD,
26 = 114.00,166.00,TURRET,
27 = 142.00,166.00,TURRET,

0 = 0,128,80,EXP_FRIGATE
9 = 270,128,128,EXP_CRUISERDEBRIS
12 = 400,128,138,EXP_FRIGATEBREAKUP
13 = 400,128,138,EXP_PLUMES
14 = 400,128,138,EXP_BLASTGLARE
15 = 400,128,138,EXP_ANGLED_DEBRIS

0 = 113,3,425,326,(emit-173-207-hulk_emmiter),(emit-236-257-hulk_emmiter),(emit-229-269-hulk_emmiter),(emit-308-298-hulk_emmiter),(emit-344-284-hulk_emmiter),(emit-408-285-hulk_emmiter),(emit-335-211-hulk_emmiter),(emit-306-126-hulk_emmiter),(emit-300-111-hulk_emmiter),(emit-286-56-hulk_emmiter),(emit-208-129-hulk_emmiter),(emit-165-285-hulk_emmiter),(emit-373-278-hulk_smoke_emmiter),(emit-235-279-hulk_smoke_emmiter),(emit-210-145-hulk_smoke_emmiter),
1 = 140,328,369,509,(emit-165-411-hulk_emmiter),(emit-179-404-hulk_emmiter),(emit-174-426-hulk_emmiter),(emit-167-453-hulk_emmiter),(emit-167-474-hulk_emmiter),(emit-328-399-hulk_emmiter),(emit-333-414-hulk_emmiter),(emit-338-444-hulk_smoke_emmiter),



Here ya go, its a sprite I used by moving and modifying a few other sprites, it should fit the Rebel Dreadnaught as opposed to just a base Valkyrie image.
Rebel Test Carrier.rar (192 KB)

To Archduke Astro:

many thanks for your work on these dreadnought cruisers, they are REALLY fun to field and watch

With all the Dreadnaught-class ships posted (yours, the excalibur, the other fed-dreadnought, the star wars cruisers etc) I have been inspired to make one of my own.

One thing I’ve been impressed with is your little blurb of story before posting all the coding that is the crux of your work in particular: and when/if I post my material I would like to ask your permission to immitate that somewhat.

It feels wrong for me to simply DO this without asking permission of the source that inspired me.

Cen2050, I’m pleased by your accolades as well as your interesting request. You’re an honorable gent. By all means, do feel free to use a similar approach with your upcoming material!

I tend to be rather wordy (the written word is one of my favorite pursuits), so it’s a relief to know that my occasional bursts of adjectival creativity don’t go unappreciated. I know mine is a very uncommon approach in the world of strategic wargaming, as GSB (the ultimate “generic” game, so to speak) is as far as one can get from role-playing or creative fiction. I am even assembling a “history of the GSB universe”. It’s just bits and pieces right now, but it’s slowly growing in overall scope as well as developing more inter-relationships between the races.

It’s going to be a long term project because I value internal consistency and serious drama over a fast release cycle just to cater to the whims of the moment. Too many players are willing to ignore the possibilities that I’ve already started seeing months ago, when the game was literally brand-new. Seems like I am the first to do so, so I’m busy doing ALL of the hard work of blazing a trail through the wilderness. I hope to share some of the creative fruits of these labors with the community. So far, nobody else really seems to give a damn about any kind of story mode in this game so I am nominating myself to be in charge of all such efforts. All in favor? AYE! So there it is. :smiley:

I look forward to whatever you choose to share with the rest of here in the “Mod Patrol”. I’m already intrigued by the way in which you plan to introduce it.

as an unbublished author myself I can totally appreciate all of that.

the fact is while the absence of a story in GSB is entirely a breath of fresh air for the sci-fi caming community the little kernels you’ve dropped here and there about your dreadnoughts is VERY appealing, particularly with the Ragnarock and Shark Queen

I’m not ready to post it yet: but I’ll give you a little inkling into what it is and how I did it and how I plan to approach it

it’s for the Federation, though I plan to approach it from the P.O.V. of a sort of splinter group of federation more interested in making effective ships than the economic aspects of the rest of the race as a whole. Therefore the ship is bigger, better, and while it looks entirely federation in design, the color scheme is different to support the fact that the builders responsible are not directly aligned with the Federation (this also acts as a bail-out for the fact that I’m too lazy to make an entire race mod)

I used Gimp to basically copy and paste numerous parts from the Gazelle Frigate, Lepoard Fighter, Buffalo Cruiser, and Hawk Fighter onto the hull of the Eagle Cruiser (my personal favorite looking ship in the game) and color the whole thing green

just as a preview: it’s got something like 20 module slots and 31 hardpoints and fully loaded it’s cost is over 10,000 lol

holy sh**

sounds like a better looking, awesomer, Excalibur