[MOD] Rebel Orbital Platform

I guess this should be called more of a space station, but its always a benefit to have your enemies underestimate you a bit. I threw this one together tonight (hey 3am is night for me) just for fun, and I’d say it isn’t too shabby for only taking about three hours to do. I’m not quite sure if it is Gratuitous enough though… I might have been able to squeeze a few more hardpoints in the cracks. :slight_smile:

Here’s the stats…
Cost: 400.00
Power Produced: 100.00
Length: 250 Meters
Standard Modules: 10
Hardpoints: 35
Hull Bonuses
Armor Boost: 40%
Shield Boost: 50%

The attached file is in 7zip format, so if you’ve got it installed it will open fine. If you don’t have it I would highly recommend downloading and installing it since it is absolutely free, and is immensely more capable than most built in compression programs. Here’s the link… 7-zip.org/ . Unfortunately I had to do this due to the regular zip file being to large, but the 7zip file was less than half the size of the zip so it fit fine.

If you would rather not install 7-zip then you can download the regular zip file here… mediafire.com/?23tzyonm2yy

Simply Unzip the file then copy the Orbital Platform file containing the .dds files into the bitmaps\ships\rebel directory, and then copy the Orbital Platform.txt file into the data\hulls\rebels directory.
Orbital Platform.7z (102 KB)

35 hardpoints?! guess what happens when i change ALL of them to hardpoints?! HOLY CENSORED