[Mod] Recycled Hulls

This is a work in progress!

The goal is to create new versions of ships (only tribe at the moment) that will serve as inexpensive, “recycled” ships with reduced cost, bonuses, and module slots. this is meant to be used with the Mini-Mod by darkstar076.


Hull Bitmaps ----|----- 40%
Hull configs -|-------- 10%
Lighting and Engine glows |--------- 0%

the Paradise Cruiser ones, arnt very nice. the serenity fighter one looks nice though, if you redid the hole team so there kinda damaged it would be nice.

although i noticed that the right bomb/fueltank thing (brownish) has a big hole init. thats not very good.

yeah I agree that the fighter looks nice but there is indeed a scoop taken out of the fuell tank, not that we would notice middle of a fight but it might stand out during building one XD

Redid the skins with damaged for the Paradise, updated post.

nice one man.

Added the Unity Frigate and Freedom Cruiser!

Nice indeed, but you are aware of the fact that if you add the holes in the hull to the alpha channel you will be able to see background through it? You should exclude those from the alpha channel if you didn’t do that already… nice idea btw to use the imperial ships as structure elements :wink:

Yes indeed i redid the alpha channels by hand for each one,

also to solve any gaps I save with a blank (nonexistent) BG and save as a .TGA and then convert it to a .DDS, seems to work wonders =D

to be honest the damage seems too extensive for anyone in their right mind to declare the ships spaceworthy
with a hole of that size on a cruiser the whole interior would be an airless husk and i dont even want to think about the strain on the integrity fields

less holes,more duct tape,more rust,more binding wire, more welded on plates :smiley:

what if they just came out of combat, and where returning to port when they are attacked. a hole new set of races could be formed out of broken ships, like People that go out after a battle and collect parts

has anyone seen the Starcraft vid, where there in space (the terrian Hicks) and in some space junk. then the zerg comes.

I was thinking more along the lines of a rouge AI taking over abandoned ships that were too damaged to be inhabitable by life.

well,i have to admit im not objective,because you completely turned me against you the second you touched the Paradise cruiser wingy bits :smiley:

i dunno,i just dont like the idea of the ships being beat up so much… seems just wrong in so many ways to see something this badly damaged moving
i realize its stupid to bring realism into this but when i see your shot up hulls my brain automatically starts calculating how many problems in space would you have to face with the damage,like micrometeorites,radiation,structure stresses with inertia,etc

i though of one!!

Robot farmers.
all the crew got killed, and the robot farmers saw this and they were programed to help there operators, so they took control of the ship And started killing every one, because they dont know who there operators are.

also, what if the tribe were in a desperate battle and forced any thing they had into service?

your new dammaged ones look realy nice

what direction are you going whit this? replacing the old? or are you going to make them less bonused less expensive copies so we can use them alongside unbattered ones? a new faction?

personnaly I would like the less expensive les bonus ships to go alongside unbatterred ones but it would clutter up the ship list a bit.

I planed to make a new race of only damaged ships, but I can make both!

Here is a screenshot of my first drafts of the in-game sprites.

is there a way to have hull variations, or just muiltipule copies of the same hull, with a slighty different sprite?

because it will get annying seeing 20+ differnt battle damaged ships all the same

hmm… I will look into that.

you are right, it would be kind of odd to have lots of ships that have been damaged in the same way…

what if the battled damaged bits were turrets that:

  1. Reduced the cost of the ship
  2. proved some Negitives as well

they just need to be squared and made without rotation (tracking speed?)

BTW xeranes your poll is weird, everything can always be improved, stagnation is death. you just dont want to be so perfectionist that you will never release anything because there is still improvements to be made :stuck_out_tongue:

I am going to rename this to match my intentions… These will serve as “recycled” versions of the ships, with 1/4 of the bonuses, 1/8th the cost, 1/2 the slots, and 1/3 the hull strength.