[Mod Releases] Scaled Ships / Edited Missions

[Release 1]

Scaled Ships is a mod that changes ship sizes, power supply, and turret mounts to something more fun and epic.

frigates will generally have 100-125 power to start, cruisers might have 1000-1050, fighters themselves shouldn’t need power, so they have 100.

All fighters are at 5x5, frigates are 125x125, cruisers are 250x250, this worked out ALOT better than i expected it to be.

All ships have 2-8 more mounts than they used to,
Fighters have 2-4 extra hard-points, this makes them a powerhouse, but also vulnerable, expensive, and slower.
Frigates have 4-6 more hard-points
Cruisers have 8-12 more hard-points
The mounts may be a bit jumbled together, but don’t worry the scaled sizes make the ingame turrets spread alot more apart.

[Release 2]
Edited Missions is basically a cheat, It exponentially increased the crew and money amounts to something that you may never need to reach to win. But this is fun to do if you love to see hundreds of ships.

Release 1 - Ship Scales.zip (50 KB)

Feel free to post any suggestions/comments.
Edited Missions.zip (5.88 KB)

I get an error when I try to go into battles, it says “\src\SIM_Race.cpp 127” Do you know why I get this?

Which mod are you using?

I downloaded both mods and then the third mod after.

the third one has everything in it, but that isn’t the problem, give me a couple minutes and I will resolve this

Reinstall the game. Install the first two only releases only, I won’t be fixing this, too much hassle since I am doing a mega mod now.


I am still getting the error. The first one runs fine but the second one won’t let me battle. I guess I will just download the first one after reinstalling the game.

Okay thanks you, I will find out what is wrong with it. (I purposely put THANKS. :D)

EDIT: Okay it should work, should be fixed now.