mod request of sorts.

Hi there I am Geressen and I’m an alcho … in no way related to anyone who makes anything interesting.
since I look at stuff and play games once in a while and flip burgers in a mcdonalds on a weekend
(we have a rodent problem there, this is not relevant to my post.)

so traveling across the vaste expanse of the internets and finding a comic wich updates too little set in space and later discovering this fine game … 1 +1 = 2 soooo, t’would be awesome if any tallented people wanted to have a go? … loroi.html

I suppose you could try to contact the artist but where is the fun in that?
Looting, pillaging and piracy is a way of life y’know.

please forgive me for stupid jokes and any spelling mistakes.

Looks pretty cool but because I’m not some kind of texture expert I would say the hardest part would be not having top down textures for every ship. Top down of course is probably the most plain something could be so most artists probably wouldn’t design the comic with much of that.

But, it does look promising.

I dont know anything either but it would be awesome if someone could make something of this :slight_smile:

I don’t think it would be difficult for somebody who has made vehicle textures before using photoshop or something but it might be somewhat difficult for a person who is used to modeling these first because of all the work required to first model the ships. It isn’t as though everyone gets permission to make mods but it might be nice to get permission from the creator to use his resources.

that would be boring.