Mod Request

Hello i couldn’t know where to open this topicbut i guess im in the right place
i cant make the mod tool to get working so i have a small request which is “cheat mod”
here is what i want exactly:
1)free economical policy which increases the income without the drawbacks.
2)making a hapiness policy to make most happy without the drawbacks.
3)new experienced and loyal cabinet members (if possible though)

i know making a request is a not the best thing while sitting around and doing nothing :slight_smile: however im trying to contribute with translation at least (To Turkish)

Thanks in advance.

Cheat Mod released!


This mod solves 1 and 2. Ministers’ loyalty scores depend on the happiness of their respective voter group, so if you make voter groups happy, your ministers will be happy.

Thanks this thread can be deleted now.