[MOD] Scavenger


Greetings Commander,

stand at ease! Thank you for your fast arrival on our short notice. We -the high command- have troublesome news for you. As you may know, our galaxy has become a tranquille and peacefull place after you destroyed most of all armed forces. Every last space faring race was crushed by you in most humiliating and completly gratuitous space battles. You have kicked some Alliance alien asses in the emerald Nebula, vaporised the Empire in the Gravity Well and crushed the Rebells above Endyai IX. You even violated those Tribe hippies and converted the Order radicals -by force of arms-.
We know that you were enjoing yourself in your most deserved retirement, but we need you again. The galaxy needs you again. Our long-range sensors have picked up most troublesome troop movements at our borders. A new might has begun to fill up the power vacuum which was created due to your rampage. So you have to go out there and fight again! You will have to shoot first, shoot again, and even then you will have no time to ask any questions.
This new enemy uses all technology and schemes you may think off. Those clever basterds build their ships out of wrecks which were floating around after all the recent battles. So they are dangerous and armed to the teeth!
Good luck.


For future updates and download please check this topic:



[1] 4 Cruiser, 3 Frigates, 2 Fighters
[2] 3 Scenarios
[3] Expanded choice of modules and weapons


[1] Download
[2] Unrar
[3] Copy into your GSB Folder
[4] Play



very cool! looking forward to this!

Excelent mod, especially with the ship designs

Wow. Just when I had begun growing somewhat jaded with GSB, I swing by for the first time in a while and see this. I am intrigued with your upcoming mod. Please do keep us updated. If Scavengers are at least as cool as Legios, I will be really pleased!

Very cool idea…

This looks like it will be awesome, is that an asteroid whit imperial bits sticking out ?

I will definatly download this once its done :smiley:

@ Geressen,

you bet it is :wink:

@ All,

well tomorrow (tuesday) I will recomence to work on this mod. You want to know why I paused to work? Because Dragon Age Awakening was released last week and I had to play :wink:
So what I want to know is, what is really important / desirable? Many scenarios or many new ships? I planed to make 3 - 5 scenarios but I’m not sure if people want to play custom made scenarios or prefer simply more ships to play the old scenarios. So I would like to focus on the more important things. Also, do you prefer normal scenarios or survival maps? I think it’s possible to create survival maps, I never tried it so far. So if people want survival maps I would also create like, 2 or so… Dunno… As you all know the fuel of a modder is feedback, so keep some input coming guys it’s good for motivation and stuff :wink:

the fledderer looks nice, I wanna know what collours the ships have … Í’d go for gray whit red stripes, getting a reaper vibe.

i made a survival, it was actually pretty easy. just list the waves in the scenario text file and make the deployments for each wave the same way you make them for scenarios

infinite ammounts of species, 6 + modded factions, and none of them put a picture camera in their probes :confused:

So there was a little, lets say Diablo 2 delay. I’ve got hooked up again after years of withdrawl and put modding on a hold. But today I reached Hell difficultie and it sucks… So I resumed modding and did 2 backdrops. Tomorrow (saturday) I will finish the hulks and other graphic stuff. Sunday and Monday the last coding and balancing so you may expect the release not earlier than monday the 5th.
I upped 2 new pictures. Those are the fighters. Aasfresser and Krähe. Because release is up ahead I was too lazy to disguise them again. This is the style you may expect the other ships to be as well. The final release will contain 2 Fighters, 3 Frigates and 4 Cruisers. I don’t think that another hull will make it into the upcoming release version. So far till now, till later :wink:

Wow, your textures are amazing - is that using the camo overlay method ?

I like those collours, I especcialy like the first fighter, the second colloured ship could use some more rust though XD

@ Darkstar,

yes I multiplied a rust texture and ‘polished’ it with some custom brushes to leave out some areas.

@ Gerressen,

Yeah you may be right but those are just fighters, this will be the only time you see them in full size. When they are downsized you won’t see any difference anymore :wink:

Damn, I have a lot to learn . . if you can give me some more details via email or here, i would be really grateful

I could upload a psd file for you if you want. There aren’t many details just lot of work ^^

yes please . . :slight_smile:
But, I know what you mean by lots of work :wink:

Ok here you go:


There is a psd and a grd file. You should execute the grd file first. It contains 2 gold gradients. Otherwise the ship will not be shown properly. Yeah well if you have any questions just ask :wink:

. . . WOW !
Dude, that is amazing, how long did it take for you to create that one ship ?

I can see how you do the rust effect and how the ship is formed
But how did you do the layer mask for the rust effect

Thanks for your help
Happy Easter :slight_smile:

I think it took like 3 hours, but I can’t say for sure… I created the layermask with custom brushs. You can download brushes or create them yourself… I created a tutorial once, you can look it up here:
Using such brushes you can create a natural look…