[MOD] Shadow's Additions And Improvements

–> Modified name generation for Ingredients (Adjectives that don’t conflict with visuals + many new random middle names),
–> Adds Vitamins category to cures and populates it with 5 new ‘cures’,
–> Populates all other categories with new cures so they all have 5 cures in total now (12x5 = 60 cures) ***included modified Joints and Bones under Other,
–> Re-adds nasty side effects which were apparentlly disabled for release,
–> Adds new side effects,
–> A couple catalysts added to upgrade reqs for vanilla cures,
–> some stuff I forgot

Probably needs balancing, will play now and see. Enjoy!

requires DLC - Will work without it if you manually copy effects.data contents from MM subfolder to main folder and remove some stuff added to file by DLC.

SRaddimp.zip (11 KB)

Sounds really cool man!