[Mod] Ship Graveyard mod

Basically a mod that replaces asteroids with ship hulks. Looks pretty good to me. See pics:

and here’s the link to the mod:


put in your order/data/bitmaps/fx folder. make sure to not replace the original file though.

Lol cool I had the same idea for my mod… now you take the tribute for releasing earlier then me :wink: Say did you figure out how to spread asteriods/wrecks over the whole map? I didn’t find a key to do this till now… well if you have any idea tell me, or maybe you Cliff if you read this :wink: It just aligns always as a “rockwall” as it is called in the scenario.

I didn’t spread them across the whole map. However I will try to figure out how to, then show the steps :slight_smile:

EDIT: I know believe it is impossible. i tried a bunch of combinations, every single one not working. :frowning:

You can rotate the belt and get it virtually horizontal by using a combination of high positive and negative values for asteroidtopx and asteroidbottomx.
Bear in mind that setting these to large values will stretch the belt out making it look pretty sparse unless you up asteroidcount.
Maybe there’s a z-axis variable hidden somewhere that controls the spread or something…
Is it possible to use these hulks and keep the asteroids intact? Or does one have to replace the texture?

you could replace SOME asteroids with hulks, you don’t have to replace all the asteroids.

I was hoping to keep the unadulterated asteroid field AND use the hulks at the same time. :smiley:

ah, you could, as explained in an earlier post, but there would be less of both. kinda sucks. :frowning: