[Mod] Spanish Mod / Mod Español

I saw that a lot of people wanted to play as Spain, but there weren’t any spanish mods out there yet, apparently.
Sooo… I made this one. This is my first mod, so let me know if there’s something catastrophically wrong (that includes syntaxis and stuff, since I’m not a native english speaker).

Download it here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/kh8t34287u43dea/Spanish+Mod+1.0(4).rar

1- Uncompress.
2- Combine the provided data folder with your Democracy 3 data folder.
3- Remember to activate/deactivate the spanish-specific policies in your mods sections according to the country you want to play as (since it doesn’t make any sense for the USA to have policies about spanish regions, for example).

[size=150]What’s included?[/size]
-Spain as a playable country (listed as #7, potentially conflicting with other custom countries installed with that number).
-Spanish flags, graphics and citizen names.
-9 new spanish-specific policies:
–Catalonia’s Autonomy
–Basque Country’s Autonomy
–Galicia’s Autonomy
–Francoist Symbology Act
Patera Immigration
–Gibraltar’s Status
–Great Ape Act
–Monarchy’s Status

I’ve found this too easy to mod, so I’m feeling like something is terribly wrong. Provide feedback, please.
And feel free to make suggestions about future mods you’d like to see.

It is good, just that the King of Spain isn’t Juan Carlos I anymore. It’s Felipe VI, he has been since June 2014. Thanks.