[MOD]Specialized Research Tree

This original porupose of this mod si to implement a new version of the research tree, wich includes some new projects and is more focused on specialization.

This mod will also include a few AI changes for fitting these changes (AI readjustment not done yet, but included for not causing AIs to only create basic cures), strings required for the new research projects, a few “hardcore” scenarios (some of them still requires balancing), and free build asjustment for including some new researches at beginning.

Work is still going on, so feel free to comment any scenario “impossibilities” and weird AI’s behaviour. I’ve tested two scenarios by now and ranked Master (“Tons of drugs” and “Alzehimer’s & Club3”), but I added some extra conditions, so I’m not absolutely sure they are acheviable.

Hope you enjoy them (or report impossibilities)

Compatible languages: English, Spanish
Spanish unofficial translation patch could be required for this mod to be available in Spanish.

Specialized Research Tree 0.4